At Premier Lofts, we have been providing attic conversions for over 25 years. We are a small team of seasoned experts who have spent decades in the attic conversion trade. We are proud to offer our services throughout London and have provided attic and loft conversions in West London, East and North London to hundreds of satisfied customers.

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Premier Lofts was founded in 1990 by Malcolm Newman, who remains at the forefront of every project we undertake to this day. Malcolm saw a gap in the market for a company who could provide high quality attic conversions at reasonable prices. Over the years, Malcolm has over the years put together a fantastic team of project managers, tradesmen and associates who we continue to work with until this day.


Our project managers are there to guide our customers through the entire process of planning and installing every aspect of all of the attic conversions we undertake. Furthermore, Malcolm is always on hand to oversee the running of all jobs run by Premier Lofts. 

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The Benefits of Attic Conversions

There are many benefits when it comes to attic conversions and these are more often than not, the driving force behind the decision to undertake such projects. Attic conversions provide your property with an entire new level of space. For example, instead of your property being two-storey, it is upgraded to a three-storey property, providing heaps of extra space and additional rooms, saving you from having to move property to simply upscale. As a buy to let landlord, the extra room(s) you gain could provide you with further revenue from the property too. With property prices on the rise, a top quality attic conversion is a sound investment, helping you avoid the headaches of property hunting and moving across the city.

An attic conversion completed to a high standard, such as those provided by Premier Lofts can increase your property’s value by more than 20%. This is good news to both homeowners and buy to let landlords. Upgrading your family home by investing in an attic conversion could provide you with the extra funds you need to move home if you so desire. However, as a buy to let landlord, increasing the value of your rental property could increase the amount you can borrow as part of your mortgage, or increase the amount of money you receive when selling off the property.

An additional benefit of an attic conversion is the aesthetic enhancements offered to your property. With an extra storey, your property will look more appealing to buyers. Your property will also have an improved overall look, as attic conversions provide a much needed ‘look of modernisation’ to all properties they grace.

With Premier Lofts, an attic conversion doesn’t cost the earth and we only quote the most reasonable of prices. With attic conversions from us starting at just £25,000 + VAT, contacting us for a quote could set you well on your way to your dream attic conversion.

What are the Requirements for Attic Conversions?

An attic conversion is a bit commitment and can seem like a daunting prospect to many. However, as long as a few basic requirements are met, the project should run smoothly and there should be no problems. The main requirements for attic conversions are:

Planning Permission

Planning permission is granted by your local council after an application is made to them. This must be done before the work commences and ensures only fair, legal work can be carried out on a property. Planning permission also ensures that the works carried out are done so within a strong legal framework and not to the detriment of any neighbours or surrounding properties.

Building Regulations

Building regulations are a set of rules, regulations and legislation that govern the work and the property in question. Tradesmen and builders on site must adhere to the latest building regulations, which set standards for the work that is carried out. Building regulations are monitored and governed by the council’s Building Control Body.

Design and Planning

A top quality attic conversion needs to be designed and planned to a high standard so that the tradesmen involved in the works know exactly what they are working to. Without a detailed design plan, things can start to go wrong and the property owner may be left disappointed. Premier Lofts have a team of project managers who will guide you through the whole process, including all that is involved in the planning and design of your attic conversion.

Premier Lofts take care of all of the applications for planning permission, building regulations and anything else. We always do so in order to minimise the hassle and bother to our customers. Instead of panicking about rules and regulations, you can get down to planning and designing your new attic conversion to match the style and design of your dreams.

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We have over 25 years of experience when it comes to quality attic conversions, with no project being too large or too small for us to undertake. We always work to time, budget and design and aim to please all of our customers.

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