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Welcome to Premier Lofts, providers of loft conversions in N3 – Finchley and Finchley Central. We are a well-established loft conversion company founded in 1990 by our current owner and lead project manager, Malcolm Newman. With over 30 years of experience in the loft conversion industry, Malcolm is a seasoned professional and has hundreds of happy, satisfied customers from his work over the years.

We are a cohesive team of professionals who have worked together for over 20 years and we are going strong. We can provide bespoke loft conversion projects and solutions to all types of property. We only use the best quality materials and out tradesmen are very experienced in delivering the premium service we have become renowned for.

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We offer the following services in Finchley & Finchley Central:

loft conversions

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Ground Floor

At Premier Lofts, we provide a top quality, yet personal service as part of every project we undertake, which has led to hundreds of satisfied customers over the past 25 years in the Finchley area. All of our projects run to plan, design time, so that the customer always knows what to expect and by when. No matter the size, scale or nature of the job that needs doing, we will always provide you with a project manager who will dedicate their time to making sure your job runs smoothly and to budget and time.

We are able to tailor most of our jobs to any reasonable budget so don’t hesitate to ask about our latest offers in loft conversions. As a standard part of the services we offer, Malcolm Newman, our founder will spend some time every week on the site of your job in order to ensure that everything runs just as it should. There is no part of the project that is too large or too small so Malcolm is always able to be contacted if you have any concerns or questions.

We have a 5-year guarantee so you have peace of mind that all further snagging can be fixed in good time.

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We Take Care of All Aspects of Your N3,

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A Loft Extension Could Add Value To Your Property in Finchley & Finchley Central

It has been shown that a good quality loft extension such as those provided on a regular basis by Premier Lofts can increase the value of your property by potentially more than 20%, meaning that if your home is worth £500,000 for example, you could see its value increase by more than £100,000 with a top quality loft extension. This means that when you choose to undertake a loft extension, you are making a wise decision to undertake a sound investment on your property.

Whether you are looking for more room to rent out for one of your buy to let properties or if you are just looking to increase the amount of available space you have in your family home, a loft extension is a very wise decision and an economically sound one. Our prices start from as low as £25,000 + VAT, ensuring our projects are always affordable and within reach of each and every property you own.

We are on hand to help with planning permission in Finchley. We are also Trust-Marked and have received approval and accreditation from theFederation of Master Builders (FMB) and Build Assure, all of which are signatures for quality work and planning. We are therefore proud to offer you our loft extension services.

We at Premier Lofts have fitted hundreds of lofts in over 30 years of trade and we take great care to ensure that all mansard loft conversions we fit are bespoke and of the highest build quality which means you can rest assure that the project will last well beyond the 5 years of the guarantee we provide.

Get in touch with us and we can provide you with a no obligation quote, free of charge via one of our experienced project managers who will be sure to be able to tailor design the loft conversion you desire to your requirements.

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Call us on 01923 859 522, email or via our online enquiry form and one of our team will be happy to have a chat about what your property needs. Our project managers have decades of experience in allaying the concerns of home owners and proprietors who are concerned about undertaking loft conversions.

We are based in London and so are always on hand to come down to the site of your project. Get in touch today and we will be happy to offer you some of our most competitive prices. With Loft extensions starting from just £25,000 + VAT, don’t miss out on the opportunity!

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Our Founder

Premier Lofts was founded by Malcolm Newman in 1990 and he has been working with some of the same team members for over 20 years.

Malcolm offers a personal service like no other. He will be on hand to project manager your loft conversion from start to finish. You will receive weekly updates surrounding your home’s improvement and will be kept up to date with all relevant information.