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Premier Lofts are proud to offer our loft conversions in N12 – North Finchley to a wide variety of different types of property throughout the area. No matter how large or small your property is, we are able to make the absolute most out of your property and the space available to it.

We have been working in the N12 area of London for over 25 years and know the area and many of its residents very well. We have hundreds of happy, satisfied customers, singing our praises because they have received some of the best loft conversions available to them in London.

We were established in 1990 after our founder and current owner, Malcolm Newman realised the need for a more personal service from a loft conversion company. Being able to provide a high level of customer service is something that Malcolm and the whole team at Premier Lofts are very proud to offer every single one of our customers and clients.

Whether you are looking for more space for you and your family to enjoy, or perhaps some extra space for your property to have for you to rent out to generate some extra income, we can accommodate.

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It doesn’t matter whether you want a large mansard loft conversion for your property, or whether your loft conversion entails something a bit cosier such as our smaller terraced house loft conversions, we will ensure you get the most out of the works we do.

Our prices are some of the cheapest around. Starting at just £40,000 + VAT, you will be sure to find something that suits you, your family and your property in North Finchley and N12. We understand that loft conversions in London may seem like a huge undertaking. However, you can rest easy in the knowledge that when you take Premier Lofts, you are in the hands of some of the best loft conversion professionals around.

We have a small, but very experienced team of tradesmen who have worked together for over 20 years and are able to deliver some of the most attractive and practical loft conversions around today.

We provide all of our loft conversions with a full 5 year guarantee and will be there for you beyond the conclusion of the work on your property. With Premier Lofts you will be guaranteed quality, great service and the experience to make your property the very best it can be.


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We are Loft Conversion Specialists in N12 – North Finchley

With London property prices on the rise and it becoming increasingly difficult to move property, a loft conversion in the perfect solution. Rather than having to look around the houses and find something that you and your family feel matches your tasted and individual styles, a loft conversion can be the answer.

With a loft conversion by Premier Lofts, you will get exactly what you and your family want from such a project. Working hand in hand with our designer, tradesmen and others, we will make sure that all of the specifications and requirements are met.

Whether you want the extra storage space or just a few extra rooms for the extended family when they come to stay, a loft conversion can provide a lot more space and has been shown to increase the value of many London properties by more than 20%, meaning that should you ever decide to move, you will get more for your property.

If you are looking to rent out the new part of your property, then don’t worry. We will put in all of the correct tenancy applications to ensure the status of your property is valid and legal. We will even make sure that your property meets all of the relevant tenancy laws of London.

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No matter the size, design or specifications of your proposed works, we will ensure we get our project managers to tell you about what we can do for your property to increase its value, improve its look and give you so much more space to enjoy with your family.

We at Premier Lofts have fitted hundreds of lofts in over 30 years of trade and we take great care to ensure that all mansard loft conversions we fit are bespoke and of the highest build quality which means you can rest assure that the project will last well beyond the 5 years of the guarantee we provide.

Get in touch with us and we can provide you with a no obligation quote, free of charge via one of our experienced project managers who will be sure to be able to tailor design the loft conversion you desire to your requirements.

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The Cost of Loft Conversions in North Finchley.

Starting at £40,000 + VAT for a loft conversion, we are always sure to provide our customers with fully costed estimates and schedules for all the work we carry out. This is one of the aspects of our work we pride ourselves upon; ensuring our pricing structure is fair, transparent and competitive. Our competitive prices mean you can spend your money more efficiently and still guarantee that the service you receive from us is not compromised and is of the highest quality.

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Our Founder

Premier Lofts was founded by Malcolm Newman in 1990 and he has been working with some of the same team members for over 20 years.

Malcolm offers a personal service like no other. He will be on hand to project manager your loft conversion from start to finish. You will receive weekly updates surrounding your home’s improvement and will be kept up to date with all relevant information.