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Premier Lofts is a leading provider of loft conversions in W13 and the areas of West Ealing and Northfields. The company was founded by Malcolm Newman, who has over 30 years of experience facilitating loft conversions in London and has been running Premier Lofts since 1990 when it was founded. During this time, Malcolm and has dedicated team have gained real experience and knowledge of the W13 area which puts them in the perfect position to help with your conversion or extension. With the average conversion costing around £40,000 + VAT, we can help plan, design and construct the loft rooms and extensions that you always dreamed about.

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We would love to hear from you and you will likely speak to either Malcolm or Diana who will talk you through the process. We will need to ask a few questions about your property and determine whether or not you require planning permission. Malcolm is happy to come visit you in person at your home or workplace and provide you with a free quotation.

In addition to loft conversions, we can also offer the following:


We offer loft conversions in W13 and its postcode areas including West Ealing & Northfields.

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Why use Premier Lofts for your loft conversions in W13

Experienced: After completing so many loft conversions in Ealing over the years, we have gained a wealth of experience and a developed a strong client base in the area, which you can read on our testimonials page. We are used to working on conversions for all kinds of properties so we approach your project with real expertise. We know what is needed when it comes to Ealing planning permission so can advise you on the requirement and the best approach to take.

Personal: We offer a personal approach because you are dealing directly with our founder Malcolm and his team. Malcolm is used to going from location-to-location so will be overseeing your construction on a daily basis. Rather than using a big brand and being their one-hundredth customer on the go, Premier Lofts is only used to looking after a few projects at a time so they can always deliver quality.

6 to 9 week turnaround: We can generally complete a loft conversion within 6 to 9 weeks of starting the build. The only things that will make this a little longer is if it takes a long time for planning permission, bad weather or it is a large job – such as two loft rooms and a shower room too. However, we are always very time-conscious and will endeavour to complete your conversion in the time allocated.

Cleaning Included: A nice benefit of working with us is that once the project is complete, we do a full professional deep clean of the premises. So you don’t have to worry about any bits of dust or loose materials, your new rooms will look spick and span and ready to be used by you, your family and colleagues!

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The benefits of loft conversions in West Ealing and Northfields

In Ealing and Northfield’s bustling community, finding the right home and at an affordable price is never easy. Especially with the fast links into London on the central line, great schools and Lammas park, the W13 area is very popular and property is certainly in demand. Fortunately, if you already have a property and have permission to do a loft extension, you have benefit that you don’t have to move and can potentially get 3 or 4 more rooms. Not only is it perfect if you don’t want to move house, but it accommodates large families as the spare rooms can be used for extra bedrooms, bathrooms and fun rooms.


Best of all, adding the extra space to your home can help increase the value of your house by 20%, suggesting it is a great investment to make. The premise of spending £40,000 on a loft conversion for a £1 million home and this increasing the value to £1.2 million is very appealing indeed!

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Our Founder

Premier Lofts was founded by Malcolm Newman in 1990 and he has been working with some of the same team members for over 20 years.

Malcolm offers a personal service like no other. He will be on hand to project manager your loft conversion from start to finish. You will receive weekly updates surrounding your home’s improvement and will be kept up to date with all relevant information.