Cellar Tanking refers to waterproofing a cellar effectively in order to prevent moisture and water from seeping into your cellar, hence keeping it dry. You may use your cellar to store food, wine, stock, inventory or as a usable living area for the family. However, keeping it dry will be essential and below we explain how professionals will do so.


How does Cellar Tanking work?


This simply involves adding a waterproof coating to your walls and floors. The material used can include paints, sealants, types of cement and bituminous coating which is compared to asphalt and when it polymerises, it creates an effective waterproofing solution.



To prepare for tanking, older homes may require removing old plaster and applying salt neutralising products so that coating can be added effectively – this process can sometimes by quite time consuming for professionals.


Coatings can be applied using a trowel (like a cement spade) or can also be sprayed on and plaster can be added on top of these coatings. It must be added to the weak points of the cellar like the walls and floors where water is most likely to creep in.

How does Tanking Membranes work?


Basement tanking membranes are designed to control the passage of water using:

  • cavity forming membranes
  • drainage channels
  • pump evacuation systems (depending on the size of your cellar)


Some membranes have a mesh welded on the face for direct rendering or for fixing dot and dab plasterboard systems. Other basement tanking and basement waterproofing membranes are plain, designed for flooring or where a wall is to have a dry-lining finish.




Other membranes have drainage options for the collection of water at the foot of the wall and then to control this water into a suitable sump and pump which will then evacuate the water to the outside of the property into a drain or natural drainage point. (Source: Permagard.co.uk)

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