Bespoke Double Glazing From Specialist Providers


We work with Grabex, one of London’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of all nature of double glazing to suit all budgets, tastes, styles and specifications including:

  • Double Glazed Windows
  • Double Glazed Doors and Front Doors
  • Conservatories
  • Bespoke Glazing Solutions

More and more people are seeking ways to improve their properties, increase their comfort and make their homes more secure and double glazing is the answer. Because they also manufacture the double glazed products they install, you can be sure that what you receive from Grabex will be made to measure, to design and will protect your property from the elements. All installations are fully guaranteed for 10 years and Grabex’s double glazing experts, manufacturers and fitters all have decades of experience in ensuring that the products they manufacture and fit are the best to be found in London and the UK. They are also part of the Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme (FENSA) and all products and installations are FENSA compliant.


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The Benefits of Double Glazing


More and more London’s communities are feeling the positive effects of installing glazed windows, doors, skylights and more in their properties. What you can be sure of is that when you get any double glazing with us, you will enjoy the various benefits that are part and parcel of high quality material for many years to come. These include:

Feeling Warmer in the Winter – Rather than single glazed windows whose barrier between you and the elements is no more than a single sheet of glass, double glazing provides you with a double layer. Two panels of glass, with an insulating vacuum in between means that less of the cold is able to penetrate into your property, making sure you feel warmer throughout the winter months (read more).

Energy Efficiency – As well as keeping the cold air and the elements out, proper windows will increase the energy efficiency of your property by keeping more of the warmth inside; where you want it. On average, homes lose around 10% of their heat via their windows and doors. However, with double glazing, your property will become more energy efficient and you could start to save on heating and energy bills every year.

Reduced Noise – By increasing the overall thickness of the barriers between the inside and outside of your property, you will see the amount of noise pollution decreasing, making relaxing evenings and family time that bit more comfortable all year round.


Will Installing Double Glazing Increase my Property’s Value?


With all properties that are put on the market for sales or letting requiring an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), getting your property more energy efficient has never been more important. On top of the practical benefits of saving money on heating bills, insulating your property with top quality double glazing, like that from Grabex, could contribute towards increasing the value of your property by more than 35% as a result of an ‘A-Rated’ EPC. (Source: Federation of Master Builders).

Will It Make My Property more Secure?


Another practical benefit of double glazing is that it is more secure than traditional, single-glazing. With most double glazed windows and doors featuring lock and key features, they are much more difficult to prise open than old fashioned, wooden single glazed windows, doors and their frames. All of the products offered by Grabex offer a high level of security.


How Much Does Double Glazing Cost?


An important factor when selecting the right option for you and your home is how much will the works cost? After all, even though adding double glazing can increase the value of your property, it would be very difficult for most to have to spend tens of thousands to buy and install it all. However, glazing your home does not necessarily have to cost the earth. Our installers and providers of the windows, frames and tradespeople to install them provide bespoke prices and packages for each and every property they work on.

So whether you would like new windows and double glazing for a large detached property in the suburbs of London or a quaint property on the fringes of the capital, we will always provide you with a quote specifically for your property. Our partners design and manufacture the windows, doors and frames installed so each and every one you receive is made to measure. This also means that rather than having to buy generic and potentially expensive frames that then need to be adjusted to fit your property, the products and services you will receive from us are guaranteed to fit first time, saving you time and money.

We understand that it can be inconvenient and sometimes uncomfortable having extensive works carried out on your property, such as in the case of new windows, doors and glazing. Going a long period without windows can make things quite uncomfortable and irritating. When it comes to double glazing installation though, we have a team of experienced experts who have been providing some of the finest systems throughout London for many years. Part of the service you can expect is the timely manner in which the windows, doors and other features are installed for your property.

Moreover, because we manufacture the windows we supply and fit, once your property and the relevant dimensions have been measured and noted, the windows are made to measure and will be the perfect fit for your property, guaranteed. Furthermore, by having bespoke double glazing fitted, you are less likely to need any repairs and fixes and to cover every eventuality, we provide a full 10-year guarantee for everything that we supply and fit, no matter the design or dimensions.


Leading Double Glazing Suppliers for London


With their factory based in Orpington, London, all of the double glazing you will receive from the team at Grabex is made in London, which means that it never takes long to get from the factory to your property. Able to supply all nature of double glazed products, Grabex offer every type of design you will ever desire from custom and bespoke designs to widely popular and tried and tested designs that grace thousands of properties throughout the capital. In addition, Grabex offer some of the most competitive pricing to be found in London and the UK for high quality glazing products, fitting and installation. With all products guaranteed for 10 years and 100% FENSA compliant, you can be sure that you won’t find better products for your property.

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