Premier Lofts have been providing gallery loft conversions throughout London for over 25 years. We take pride in every piece of work we do and our customers are always left completely satisfied with the work and service they receive. We were founded in 1990 by Malcolm Newman, our current owner and head project manager. Malcolm comes with over 30 years of experience in the building and loft conversion trades and he will always be on hand for you throughout your project.


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A gallery loft conversion is a great way to get the absolute maximum out of the space that your property’s loft space has to offer. Especially favoured by those with high ceilings and larger amounts of available yet unused space in their lofts, a gallery loft conversion can serve various purposes and could be just what your property needs.

We have hundreds of satisfied customers who are all reaping the enormous benefits that a gallery loft conversion provides; from extra space for loved ones coming to visit, to that little bit extra rental income. We only used the best quality materials available and will always be on hand for you before, during and after your project has commenced.

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Why Choose a Gallery Loft Conversion


While all loft conversions greatly increase the amount of space a property has to offer, often there is still a degree of unused space. For example, if your property has a large amount of roof space to be used; such as in the case of mansard loft conversions, once the conversion is complete, you could be left with high ceilings. If however you wish to exploit the space available for example through using the new space provided by high ceilings, a gallery loft conversion could be the answer.

A gallery loft provides a small staircase within the existing loft space of your property and gives a small, extra level within the loft. This elevated space can be used for a variety of purposes, subject to planning permission. For example, it may be used to contain a small self-contained studio-type living space that can be rented out, increasing your household income by a few hundred pounds a month. Alternatively, the extra level of space provided by a gallery loft by Premier Lofts can be used for additional storage or anything else you may need the space for.

With a gallery loft by Premier Lofts you are guaranteed to receive quality and top quality service. 



Improving the Value of Your Property with Gallery Loft Conversions


High quality loft conversions such as those provided on a regular basis by Premier Lofts can increase the value of your property by more than 20%. Additionally, the extra space could be the surety you need to avoid the hassle of moving properties. The extra space provided could be just what you need to really settle into your home.

It is no secret that there is a shortage of rental space in London and with a gallery loft conversion from Premier Lofts, you could increase your income by a few hundred pounds a month, providing you with much needed funds. We make sure that all of our gallery loft conversions blend in with the design and décor of your property and its existing surroundings so they never look out of place.

With Premier Lofts you will receive a dedicated project manager who will always be on hand to allay any of your concerns. Our team of project managers as well as Malcolm Newman, our founder will be on hand to make sure that everything runs to plan and to timescale. We will make sure that your new gallery loft conversion comes totally stress-free. We will even provide the new storey of your property with a professional deep clean once we complete the job, so that there is no delay for you to move straight in and reap the benefits that come with a gallery loft conversion by Premier Lofts.



The Cost of a Gallery Loft Conversion


Our prices start from just £25,000 + VAT, so you are never far away from being able to acquire that much needed loft conversion for your property. We are used to working on gallery conversions of all shapes and sizes so no doubt we can find the right price to suit your budget. 

We are based in London and you will always receive personal attention from our project manager Malcolm who will oversee all the work that is done on your property. We follow a very strict time schedule to ensure we make the most of the time we are in your house and don’t overstay our welcome. We finish the project with a professional clean so your rooms look brand new and to be used!



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