House extensions are a popular way to maximise the amount of space you get from a London property. With property prices on the rise, being able to move and upscale your property is becoming increasingly difficult. However, with a well-built house extension, you can utilise existing space and potential space to increase the number of rooms in your property, or increase the size of existing rooms. A good quality house extension such as those provided by Premier Lofts has the ability to increase the value of the property in question by potentially more than 20% and can also increase the amount of rental income you can generate from a rental property.


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Premier Lofts was established in 1990 by Malcolm Newman, our founder and current owner. Spotting a gap in the market for a company that could offer a bespoke, yet reasonably priced house extension service, Malcolm formed Premier Lofts. Malcolm alone has over 30 years of experience in the industry and prides himself upon the quality of extensions provided to hundreds of happy customers by Premier Lofts.

We are able to ensure that your house extension blends in with its surroundings, so that it never looks out of place. House extensions provided by us rejuvenate the look and feel of your property too, providing it with a much needed revamp.


House Extension Planning and Design


A house extension can seem like a daunting prospect. It can involve a lot of organising and a lot of work to be carried out on your property. However, with Premier Lofts you can always be certain that as well as providing the very highest standards of materials and workmanship, we will guide you smoothly through the entire process of designing, planning and carrying out a house extension from the beginning, right through until the very end.






Our experienced team of project managers have decades of combined experience of house extensions between them and offer a personalised service each and every time. Moreover, our founder Malcolm always spends time on each site during its progression, to make sure nothing ever goes amiss. Both the project managers and Malcolm are always available to take your queries and calls and are always happy to hear from customers, providing all customers with weekly updates on the progress of their job.

There are however, a few things that need to be taken into account when planning and designing a house extension and Premier Lofts will help you get through all of these potential hurdles no matter how long it takes:

Planning Permission


When undertaking a house extension, an application to the council for planning permission must be made. In order to be legally permitted to carry out the desired works, authorisation from the planning department of your local council must first be granted. This ensures that all of the work to be carried out is within legal frameworks and doesn’t encroach upon the land or living standards of neighbours and the surrounding area.

Premier Lofts will always take care of all of your planning permission applications and will make sure that all that is required is done prior to submission to the council. This will allow you to worry less about the paperwork and more about the results you will see once the work is done.


Building Regulations


Granted by the Building Control department of your local council, these regulations must be adhered to by all work and tradesmen taking part in the works. These regulations make sure that every part of the works are carried out to an appropriate standard and will not put anyone in harm’s way at any point. Unlike planning permission which is granted following an application, building regulations are a rigorous set of requirements which must always be followed.

Premier Lofts always adhere to the very latest building regulations and our tradesmen always work to the highest and safest of standards at all times. We only used approved materials such as fire-checked doors and the appropriate insulation and fire-proofing materials and methods on your property.


Party Wall Agreement


Sometimes, neighbours of adjoining properties demand a party wall agreement. This is an agreement between the proprietor of the property having works carried out and the owner of an adjoining property (who will share a wall) that any damage that may occur must be rectified by the party undertaking the building works. A surveyor must be brought in, at the expense of the householder having the works done to make an assessment before the works commence. Premier Lofts will take care of party wall agreements and work with accredited surveyors with years of experience in party wall agreements.

House Extension Costs and Prices


House extensions from Premier Lofts start from just £25,000 + VAT. Our prices are always fully costed and we are able to tailor the work we will carry out appropriately to your budget. You should therefore never feel excluded from being able to undertake the house extension of your dreams. We pride ourselves in being able to offer premium services at very reasonable prices every time, meaning you don’t have to pay the earth to get a top quality house extension.

Our project managers and Malcolm are able to ensure that your house extension project runs to budget, to time and matches your expectations in every single aspect of the works. Get in touch with us today to find out what your property might be missing and just how easy it is to get that much needed extension you have been craving.

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Our team is ready and waiting to take your calls and enquiries and we are proud to offer our services at reasonable prices across London. From attic conversions, right through to terraced house loft conversions, to that much needed house extension you have dreamed of, Premier Lofts will deliver for you. We have a team of experts who have decades of quality experience and know-how.

Contact us today on 01923 859 522 or 07831 371948 to find out just how much we could do for you and your property, no matter the purpose – from rental house extensions to family home house extensions, we are waiting for your calls.