Premier Lofts are thrilled to offer mansard loft conversions in the UK. We have honed our skills and have decades of experience in delivering top quality mansard loft conversions throughout London, specifically north london, east london and south west london.

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We were established in 1990 by our current owner and lead project manager, Malcolm Newman. He saw the need for a loft conversion company that could offer a personal touch alongside a high quality service that delivered every time. Since Premier Lofts was set up, we have provided hundreds of now satisfied customers with a range of bespoke mansard loft conversions. 

We cater our works to every style of property and no matter the purpose of the works; whether to increase your rental income, expand the family home or otherwise, we can work around your tastes and preferences. We only use the best quality materials and our tradesmen and affiliates have been working with us for over 20 years, meaning that when you choose Premier Lofts, you can be guaranteed that you will receive a premier service.

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What is a Mansard Loft Conversion?

A mansard loft conversion a large loft conversion that changes the shape of the roof of your property to maximise the amount of space you can get out of it. It uses all of the available space that the plane of the roof has to offer. Therefore, when you receive a mansard loft conversion, the slope of the roof of your property is made into an almost vertical wall. The wall typically stands at around 72°creating a very slight slope to still allow water and rain to drain off, while providing your property with the maximum amount of space possible. 



Mansard loft conversions are very useful in London where moving property can be very expensive. Rather than having to move out of your property, a mansard loft provides you with much needed breathing room and the space you need. Mansard loft conversions afford you potentially many more rooms in the new section of your house.

We at Premier Lofts are able to match our work to your desired style. We work with you right through from the initial planning phases until completion to ensure you get exactly what you want from your project. Mansard loft conversions almost always need planning permission to be granted by the council. We take care of all of the applications at no extra cost so you don’t have to and we will make sure everything is in order prior to submission.

Mansard Loft Conversions from Premier Lofts

Premier Lofts will be with you all the way through your mansard loft conversion. We understand that a job as large as a mansard loft conversion can seem daunting. That is why with we will ensure your mansard blends in with the surroundings of your property; never looking out of place. We will also ensure all neighbours are kept happy, by keeping local disruptions to an absolute minimum.

How Much Does A Mansard Loft Conversion Cost?

The cost of our mansard loft conversions start from just £25,000 + VAT. However, we are used to working on lofts of all shapes and sizes so we will be able to find the best pricing for you.

We will provide you with the insights and advice you need when designing your new project for your property too, with a team of seasoned designers who are always happy to help. Malcolm has been working with the same contractors for as long as 30 years, so they have a wealth of experience and can provide a quality service. Our service also comes with a professional clean so we leave your property and conversion looking brand new and fresh to move into.

Contact Us to Find Out About Our Mansard Loft Conversions

Call us on 01923 859 522 or 07831 371948 to speak to Malcolm about your property. By getting a better understanding of your existing property and your plans, we can help find the best quote for you. We can also arrange a visit to your site so that we can get an idea of the project at hand and give you the most accurate quote possible.

We are based in London and are always happy to take your calls and enquiries Our team of experienced project managers have over 25 years of experience with mansard loft conversions and customer satisfaction is always our priority.

Contact us using our online submission form or via email or telephone and we will tell you all about how you could improve your property with a mansard loft conversion from us at Premier Lofts.