Triple glazing in London is an increasingly popular trend. With colder winters, hotter summers and increasing numbers of people trying to drown out the sounds of urban living, triple glazing your property is one of the best solutions to these problems.

We work with one of London’s leading manufacturers, suppliers and fitters of all triple glazing, Grabex to provide London with affordable, yet very high quality and fully guaranteed triple glazing for properties. With energy efficiency, comfort, security and practicality on every homeowner’s mind, it is no wonder that more and more are turning to the wonders of triple glazing in London.

All of the triple glazed products from Grabex are fully compliant with the Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme (FENSA) and adhere to all of their high standards. In addition, every installation you receive from Grabex comes with a 10 year guarantee to give you peace of mind and assure you of the high quality products they provide throughout London.

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The Benefits of Triple Glazing


The benefits of triple glazing have been felt by residents across Scandinavia for many years. Nowadays, more and more residents of the UK and London however are seeking bespoke triple glazing for their properties.

Triple glazing has a number of benefits that are being enjoyed by thousands of households across the country:

Reduce Noise Pollution – One of the most popular reasons people turn to triple glazing is its superiority in cancelling out and suppressing noise in busy and noisy neighbourhoods with high volumes of traffic. For example, for people living in a busy urban environment such as London, getting triple glazing could be the final ingredient in getting that perfect night’s sleep every night, tackling noise pollution, no matter what goes on outside.

Superior Insulation – In much the same way that double glazing is superior to single glazing; triple glazing is superior to double glazing. Triple glazed windows provide 3 panes of glass and therefore two insulating spaces [between the panes of glass]. This means that you enjoy a far greater degree of insulation and increased comfort in the winter when you install triple glazing.

Cooler in the Summer – In the hot summer months, keeping the warm air out is a priority. Triple glazed windows ensure that you can keep the cool air in and the hot air out of your property. For those with air conditioning, this can provide an extra level of comfort for you and your property.

Increased Safety and Security – By providing your windows with an extra pane of glass, triple glazing makes your home or property far less appealing to burglars and those seeking to break into your property. the extra pane of glass makes the windows far more difficult to smash or break, reducing the likelihood of unsolicited entry to your home, keeping you and your family safe all year round.




What is Triple Glazing?


Simply put, triple glazing is similar to double glazing, but with an extra pane of glass. Therefore, instead of having two panes of glass, you get three. This means that you enjoy all of the benefits on offer with double glazing, but multiplied. So, in the winter, you can be sure of superior heat insulation, whilst all year round you will be sure of reduced condensation, lower likelihood of damp and mound and a quieter house than ever before.


Our Triple Glazed Windows


Our supplier, manufacturers and fitters of all triple glazed products we offer; Grabex manufacture all of the products in their London based factory in Orpington, Bromley. Having provided triple glazing across the Greater London area since 2007, they have thousands of satisfied customers who enjoy the benefits triple glazing provides to this day.

All products are made to the highest standards and are made to measure. So no matter where in London your property is and no matter what design you want, need or desire, Grabex’s expert design and manufacturing teams will be able to provide exactly what you need and want.

With showrooms and offices across London; including those to be found in Golders Green, Orpington and Morden, we are always happy to visit your property to provide you with a free quotation for triple glazing.


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