Air tightness testing is required for all new builds and new build domestic properties. It is important that these tests are carried out as they indicate the air leakage, also known as ‘air permeability’ of the property or development. Building Regulations state that all new builds; both residential and commercial must undergo testing to ensure minimum standards of air tightness are reached.

Whilst Premier Lofts specialise in the field of loft conversions and extensions, we have partnered with one of the UK’s leading air tightness and acoustic testing companies; RJ Acoustics, who have many years of experience in the field of acoustic testing across London and the South. RJ Acoustics have hundreds of satisfied customers across the UK. They regularly work with builders, architects and developers from the very start of a development and guarantee to help you attain a pass certificate.

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All engineers and experts at RJ Acoustics are ATTMA registered and accredited by UKAS and BPEC and provide the peace of mind that the service you will receive is truly top notch. Get in touch today for a free quote for your property or development.


The Importance of Building Air Tightness

Sufficient air tightness for buildings, both residential and commercial ensures that the ‘envelope’ does not allow excess leakage of air and heat through gaps, cracks and poor quality design. Buildings with too much air permeability are less energy efficient, do not retain their heat well and are at greater risk of potential hazards such as mould, rising damp, drafts and condensation.

Passing the minimum standards when it comes to air tightness testing means any residents residing in or using the property will save money on energy bills as less energy is lost via air leakage.

Efficient and up to date properties adhering to the necessary standards are crucial. Not only will it mean that the property in question is more energy efficient and comfortable, the legal standards under Part L of UK Building Regulations requires strict adherence. Having an efficient property with additional measures taken, such as installing good quality double glazing (more information), will provide you with a greater degree of comfort all year and through all seasons. Furthermore, generally, the ‘tighter’ a building and its envelope are the better the EPC of the property will turn out, as it will be far more energy and heat efficient than an inferior development.

What is Air Tightness?

Air tightness is a crucial property of buildings that is directly linked to the amount of air leakage and air permeability. This is reflective of the amount of heat that a property loses and the amount of air infiltration into the property itself through gaps, cracks and unwanted spaces.


How is it tested for?

The test itself is a procedure that involves placing a large fan over an expandable door frame which then sits on top of one of the property’s external doors. Making sure the dwelling is truly empty and that all external doors and windows are shut, all internal doors and windows open, the engineer will then use the fan to depressurise the property and the internal and external pressures will be measured and the difference calculated.

A score is then provided and these are the important results which reflect a pass or a fail of the actual test.


Passing an Air Tightness Test and Getting Certified

Working with RJ Acoustics from the very start of a building development or project means that you will stand the best chance of passing the actual test. Even if work has already been started and your project is well underway, they will be able to advise you on what to improve to get you on track to passing the required test when it comes around. All of their tests that they carry out on any type of building or development is always fully compliant with Approved Document L1a (read the full document here).

Moreover, even if a property does not pass a test the first time around, their engineers and experts will point out what needs fixing and changing and if the fixes are small, they will wait and then re-test your property, greatly increasing your chances of passing the next time and obtaining the certificate you need for your property.


An Experienced In-House Team

Our partners at RJ Acoustics employ their own in house team who have worked together for many years and know what is needed to make air tightness testing efficient and accurate. The testing process is quick and easy and they always take care of everything you need and advise you on how best to prepare for the testing process to let you fit it all into your busy schedule, no matter the time of day or year.


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