Best Smart Home Devices

By January 15, 2019Blog

As we move into 2019, our homes are becoming smarter and smarter. Smart technology for our homes aims to make our lives much easier and in a lot of cases, safer.

Whether you want to tech up your property with a smart thermostat, security cameras or just a bit of technological help around the home, we have got all the best gadgets for 2019 for you right here.

Smart home devices can aid you in turning up your heating, turning off your lights, lock your doors or play music just by voice command or the flick of a remote. Setting up a smart home can really be as quick as simply setting up a smart speak in your main room or as complex as setting up an intricate network of connected devices to each other. To what extent you want to invest in your smart home is essentially going to be up to you, and you can work to personalise t to go as far as you feel comfortable.

Best smart speaker: Amazon Echo

The second generation of the Amazon Echo wins the 2019 award for the best smart speaker. The original Amazon Echo was, for many, the first smart home product to really hit the mainstream. The sequel trumps it in so many ways.

This smart speaker is affordable, stylish and relatively discrete.  Furthermore, now that the Apple HomePod and the Google Home are in direct competition, the Alexa (AI) aspect of the Echo can be upgraded when new developments come in.

The Echo cleverly integrates with your Amazon account, after which you ate able to ask it to do things for your like order things, turn on and off the lights and control other smart devices.

Best Smart Light Bulb: Philips Hue


One of the most popular things to help you smart up your home are smart light bulbs. These are compatible with devices such as the Echo and the Google home and let you turn your lights on or off using voice command.

If you opt for the ones we believe are best, Phillips Hue, you will need to get the Philips Bridge, which is like a hub for lights. The thing that makes this particular brand so great is the reliability of the, The fact that the system is compatible with a range of different standards and control systems makes it the best going into 2019.

Best Smart Security Camera: NetGear Arlo Q

netgear-arlo-q-mainHome security is a priority for everyone and thanks to technology, there are smart solutions to make our homes even safer. Many people like to have security cameras in their homes, and the NetGear Arlo Q comes out on top for 2019.

Not only does it have a nice design, it also has a reliable motion-detection that starts recording when it detects an object which moves about.

If you get this camera, you will also receive a free basic 7-day cloud recording service, and you will be able to access this recorded footage through the accompanying app.

Best Smart Lock: August Smart Lock Pro

august-smart-lock-pro-product-photos-1Staying on the topic of smart security, smart locks are going to be seen a lot more frequently in 2019 and beyond.

Many people do not feel comfortable with getting rid of the manual key lock, and there are plenty of smart locks with are designed to completely replace the manual lock. However, the August Smart Lock Pro does not replace it. It fits on to the existing deadbolt and aid you in keeping your old key when you want to use it, whilst still giving an extra layer of a smart lock providing security.

The only downside of this smart lock is that it comes with a rather hefty price at around £179 for the lock and around £219 for the lock which connects to the WiFi. Therefore, it certainly is an investment.