Five Up and Coming Places to Live in London 2018

By October 5, 2018Blog

Are you a London local wondering if you are living in the right place? Or are you making the move to the capital and have no idea where to start looking for your next property? We have put together a list of up and coming places to make your nest in London town.

With various extensions and additions being made to the Underground lines, the Bakerloo and Northern line being extended and the soon-to-be-added Elizabeth line, transport is improving for many parts of London. This is some seriously good news for buyers who are looking to make their first purchase in the City of London.

The average house price in London currently is still a whopping £563,410 – this includes flats as well. For a house, the average price is £667,457. This means that a lot of people are looking for up and coming areas before they get too popular, which will work to up the price. It also means that these buyers can hope for more bang for their buck.

So, without any further ado, let’s take a look at some of the most promising areas in London to buy today.


actonActon has long been a relatively affordable part of London to rent or buy, but it is on the up as it becomes a more popular and connected place to dwell.

Acton is a district of West London which is located in the borough of Ealing. In this area are a range of buzzing bars, restaurants and cosy café’s. It is a connected part of London, taking up a spot on the Piccadilly line and the District line.

For a decent two bed property at present, you are looking at around £300,000 which is very decent indeed for a London property.


hackneyYou may know Hackney as one of the most vibrant and urban places in London. For years it has earned an unfair reputation and that is now changing.

Hackney is conveniently within walking distance of most of East London’s districts, most notably Liverpool Street being just a stone’s throw away. Hackney is a very smart place to consider for buyers who want a more central property.


Lewisham is currently an affordable place to buy within the south-east London area, not far from leafy Greenwich. It has excellent transport connections since the DLR and Canary Warf were put into place.

There has recently been a significant redevelopment underway in the south east suburb, offering 800 new homes as well as several other future projects in the pipeline.

You can find a decent two bed property for as cheap as £240,000 – but this won’t last forever.



Clapham has recently had a shakeupwith the introduction of plenty of new restaurants, bars, cafes and shops. Clapham is also, funnily enough, home to the famous Clapham Common offering Londoners a large, communal green space which is something that many may feel they lack in their areas.

Clapham is in Zone 2, but many of the properties, particularly in Clapham South are priced as if it was in Zone 3. Now may a great time to make an investment in Clapham, before the price catches up with prosperity of the area.


croydonCroydon has often been viewed as slightly disconnected and not really ‘London” this was due to poor connections in the centre, but that is all changing. Because Croydon is not actually that central, properties are cheaper but you will be connected to the city still. Property buyers in London are aware that to get more for your money in London, you may have to live a little further out and sacrifice a shorter commute for a longer one.

In terms of the improvement to transport, Croydon boasts 288 short trains per day which start from West Croydon and terminate in London Victoria, which itself has great tube links into other parts of London City. This train takes around half an hour to reach Victoria. From East Croydon, the train would only take around 9 minutes to reach Clapham Junction.

As of late, Croydon has had a facelift and it is far more modern and less run down than its reputation will let on. This is being acknowledged and properties there are now being snapped up quickly as the prices do not yet reflect the transformation of the area.