Home Improvements to Watch in 2019

By January 2, 2019Blog

Happy new year and happy new home!

With just a few days into 2019, we are already seeing clear trends that will shape this year’s home improvements. Many people use the new year as a time to make improvements in their home as it seems like the most logical time. As we leave behind 2018, so should we with our old homeware which is simply on its last legs or very out of date.

Forget the spring clean – it is time for you to dust off the blueprints of your home and get yourself down to your favourite homeware store or venture online. You will want to get your home ready for the glimmering summer months and the crisp cold winter, so there could not be a more perfect time. Even if you feel like a few rooms in the house could use a lick of paint, this is the time to get it done!

This guide will be talking through the hottest home improvement trends to watch in 2019. We also talk about how you can implement these into your own home, should you be inspired.

Smart Home Additions

Smart home technology has really been taken off and comes in a variety of capacities. It is not unrealistic to believe that in the future, homes will be built with these now-additions as standard. This could include features such as:
• Thermal controls with machine learning to control the heating inside the home
• Smart windows and blinds which are operated via an app or a remote control
• Appliances which will be able to tell you when you are running out of materials and even order them from the source.
• Advanced security systems which work to keep your home, you and your family safe and alert you when you have a problem.

Two things which are particularly popular now are things like the home helping hubs like the Amazon Echo (“Alexa”) or the Google Home and Smart TVs which allow you to watch Netflix, YouTube and other streaming sites directly from your TV without having to use an HDMI cable or cast your laptop screen. With the home helping hubs, you can buy special smart light bulbs are compatible and can be turned off and on via voice command.

If you are looking for quick ways to improve your home and make your life easier, technology is your first port of call.

Open-Plan Spaces

Whilst this is not a new concept, more and more modern homes are adopting open-plan spaces as a standard.

contemporary-open-plan-living-areaThere is just something which is far more social and practical about operating with an open living room meets kitchen meets dining room etc. If you have this, you do to have to exit and enter through an array of doors with plates of food and glasses of drinks.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is the undisputed heart of the home. It is where people eat, drink, work and socialise. There may be rooms in your house that you could find yourself not going into every day, this is not the case for the kitchen. As such, your kitchen should come into play as a priority when thinking about making improvements to your home in 2019.

Modern-white-kitchenIt is common for kitchen companies to present lavish layouts in their stores for inspiration, for further inspiration you can head online to internet stores. One of the best things about re-doing your kitchen is that is in part about appearances and in part about practicality. You may wish to replace your oven because it is old and inefficient, or maybe because it is an eyesore marring an otherwise delightful kitchen.