As with any new building developments, loft conversions take time and planning to do right. You may find that you want your loft to be ready for a certain time in the year. Whether your loft extension is intended as a new office space or you are expecting guests and need a room for them to stay in, taking the time to check that your project is carefully planned and all important elements of the development have been considered and dealt with is a sure-fire way of ensuring that your loft conversion project runs on time.

Through this piece, Premier Lofts will be exploring some of the key elements to consider to make sure that your loft conversion project runs on time. For more on loft conversions and how to make the most out of the spaces in your home please visit this page.

How do you make sure your loft conversion is completed on time?


There are many different factors that can be carefully considered to ensure that your loft conversion project runs on time. Below is a list of some of the main considerations that help to ensure this:

  • Financial stability
  • Understanding of preliminary inspections
  • Preparing the space for loft conversion
  • Work with a trustworthy loft conversion specialist

Taking the time to properly consider all of the above factors can help to make sure that your project not only runs on time, but has also been completed in a proper manner of ways, ensuring its longevity.

Financial Stability


Although fairly obvious, it is vital to ensure that you fully understand any and all financial costs that will incur from a loft conversion project. Failure to do so can severely delay, if not entirely stop, a project from continuing, as without a full understanding as to the overall cost of the conversion, you cannot effectively prepare the funds for said conversion.

If you are using finance to make your extension or conversion (typical for larger products), some companies such as Magnet Capital will provide money in stages so that you have better control over your cash flow.

Understanding of preliminary inspections


Understanding the preliminary inspections can help you to ensure that your loft conversion runs on time, as it helps you to factor in all time consuming elements of the project and therefore build up a more realistic time frame for its completion. Such preliminary inspections may include an inspection of the roof space and a confirmation for conversion suitability from either an architect or surveyor.

To find out more on the typical schedule for a loft conversion, please click here. 

Preparing the space for loft conversion


Effective preparation of the space for the loft conversion can eliminate the chance of any setbacks in the projects development. For example, clearing the space of the conversion before the project starts can enable the conversion to get underway from day one, being given a perfectly cleared, blank space with which to start development.

Work with a trustworthy loft conversion specialist


Making sure that you pick a trustworthy loft conversion company to carry out your project is vital to ensure that the project is finished on time. Premier Lofts has built up its reputation solely from word of mouth, and is dedicated to providing its clients with top-quality conversions as efficiently and effectively as possible.