How to Make your Property Appear Larger

By May 21, 2018Blog

It is amazing how much bigger your home can actually look when you make certain choices and changes to it. Even simple features like the colour or the fabrics you use in a particular room can make the world of difference. In this guide, we are going to provide some helpful tips to help you create the illusion of bigger rooms and an overall bigger property from the inside.

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Use the best colour for your room size

One of the easiest ways to make a dramatic change in a room is the paint. So much so, that you can even change the perception of the size of the room with the right wall colour. Simply by choosing and using the right combinations of colours ranging from light to dark, warm or cool, you can create the illusion of expanding (or even reducing) space.

Opting for a white or cream in a room can create a bright and airy appeal. However, white can often feel slightly uninspired and clinical with the wrong lighting so be wary of that and potentially seek out off-white paints. Lighter colours reflect light which can make any room appear much more expansive than it actually is.

If you want any room to appear larger, use cool shades in lighter tones. Cool colours include blues, greens and white. Cool colours will work to give the impression of the walls being further apart from each other than they actually are.

If you do not want to paint the entire room, why not pain the trim? This can have just as big impact of the room size as it sort of outlines the room. You could also repaint your ceiling a lighter colour, perhaps a colour lighter than the one of your walls – this will help to make the room look taller.

Lightweight fabrics

It is best to avoid heavy materials which can weight down your room by taking up space and absorbing the light. You should pick out lighter weight materials around any room you want to appear bigger. Curtains which are lighter weight can really help the room to feel more spacious and airy.


It may seem simple, but simply keeping your windows clean can really open up the rooms in your home. The clarity will allow more light in and brighten up any room to it an increased effect.

Be smart with storage

Clutter can seriously decrease the look of the size of your home. So get creative with storage. Invest in space-saving furniture such as a mudroom bench or wall-hanging TV units and shelves.

Look at getting built in wardrobes to replace stand-alone wardrobes, this will give you a few extra feet of space which can make all the difference to increasing the size of the room visually.  These can also double up and a mirror with one or all the panels being mirrored meaning you can ditch the stand-alone mirrors which may also be taking up a significant amount of room.

Loft conversion

loft-conversions-west-londonFor a longer-term solution and to actually increase the size of your property without faking it, consider a loft conversion. This can add value and provide more room for storage. Almost every house has a loft which can be converted which you can have determined by a professional.

One of the best things about a loft conversion is that it can be used for whatever you want, depending on the size of the loft. You can turn it into an extra bedroom which can be used for guests, your children or teenagers, or for yourself. Other options for inspirations purposes could include; a kids play-room, a games room, a home cinema, a gym, a library or a home office with the option of a bathroom included.