How to Increase The Value of Your Garden

By October 11, 2017Blog, Recent News

Whilst adding a loft conversion in London can add up to 20% to the value of your home, a well-kept garden can increase the value of your property by as much as £60,000. (Source: The Telegraph)

Having a garden boosts the value of a property alone, so why not boost it even further by making your garden the best it can be. Here are some easy ways to increase the value of your garden, and in turn increase the value of your entire property. 

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Work With What You Have Got

The first step before making any bigger changes is to maintain the quality of already existing features by keeping them clean and fresh, and the plants, trees and bushes watered and feed correctly wherever needs. Having a tidy garden that is kept nice with consistency is the first move to make before adding or building anything yo your garden to increase its value.



Research over the last few years has shown that adding the feature of a shed adds the most value to your garden and property. A decent sized shed appears to be something which promises to add the most value for a variety of reasons. Having a shed provides an outside space for storage so that your home is not cluttered up with tools and so on.   

Patio or Paving

Having good quality patio or paving down in your garden will making it look far more sophisticated and put together.

Patio or decking provides a nice sectioned off area from the main grass part of the garden to put an outdoor table and chairs, barbeque, heat lamps or any other kind of outdoor furniture.

A patio or decked area will create the illusion of more space in the garden. Potential buyers will probably be looking for more space, so creating this illusion will pay off in the long run in terms of the value of your garden and property.

Any type of paving can be used to create a walk way to any feature in your garden, whether that be the shed, a water feature such as a pond or foundation, or a bench or swing.

In order to avoid making an expensive mistake, many people choose to employ the services of a garden designer or landscaper.


Fencing or Walls

Something which is sure to add value to your garden is making sure you have secure fencing or walling around the perimeter of the garden, as well as a secure garden door or gate.

If you are ever thinking of selling your home, a sure thing to devalue your home will be the lack of a fence between your garden and the garden next door. People like their privacy and do not want to have to think about putting up a fence once moved in. Although this may seem like a small feature, it can be completely off putting.

Having a flimsy or small gate from the street into your garden is also a turn off to potential buyers. When buying and living in a house, we all want to feel secure and safe. A sturdy and lockable (by key) gate or door either at the front of your house or at the back will add that extra sense of security in your mind, as well as in the mind of guests or potential buyers. Therefore, having this feature is a win-win situation, security and increased value.

Outdoor Lighting


How your garden is lit is important for ambience, security and for value. Mood lighting is just as important outside as it inside. You can really be creative with your outdoor, garden lighting, creating any kind of mood you want. Plus, it does not have to be particularly expensive.

A cheap way to add character to your garden is buying some outdoor fairy lights.

Fairy lights will create a magical feeling when sitting outside on a peaceful evening. They give off a cosy and warm glow that will make you want to curl up on your outdoor furniture with a blanket and a drink of choice. For people looking around your house to buy it will have this exact vision in their head when they see these lights strung up or in action. Tip: for extra character, wind some fairy lights around the trunk of a tree and hang some lanterns from the branches.

Solar lights are on the rise. As well as looking gorgeous, they are also much better for the environment and will reduce your carbon footprint. You can buy stand alone ornaments which by day, just look like a decoration, but come sundown they will light up using the energy they gained during the day. (See below)


You can also get solar lights to light up your path way or around the edges of your garden. A popular choice for this is what is known as ‘Solar Stakes’.

Consider placing outdoor lights underneath any features like a tree or a water feature to make it really stand out.

For security purposes, you should always have an outdoor light above your back or front door, preferably an automatic one that goes off when it detects movement past a certain time. 

Water Features

Building in a water feature or multiple water features can enhance the value of any garden, this is even the case for a tiny garden. 

Having a simple water feature in a more built up area which can help to drown out urban noise, replacing it with the soothing sound of tinkling water.  

You can buy a water foundation fit for the back garden at a garden centre or have one custom made to fulfil your vision.

A garden pond, with a fountain if desired, is something that involves a bit more time, effort and money but it sure to add value to your garden. Make sure the pond is fish friendly and even add some in yourself. There are so many ways you can style a garden pond, with or without a waterfall or foundation, take some inspiration from the images below.

garden-water-feature tortoise-water-featuretrickle-water-feature