How to Increase the Value of a Property

By April 13, 2016Blog

There are more than a few ways to increase the value of a property and there are so many reasons for why so many people are now turning to methods to increase their property’s value. From those looking to add value to their home in order to sell it and move to a new property, to those who just want to add some more value to a property, more and more people are improving their properties.

Part of what makes the various processes and methods of improving a property’s value that bit better, is that you don’t need to do everything in one go and there are so many affordable ways to ensure that the property in question acquires that bit extra value.

It can be as simple as adding a coat of paint to your home to freshen things up and create a ‘cleaner’ or ‘revamped’ feel to the property’s living spaces. While increasing numbers of people are turning to loft conversions in London, living outside of London doesn’t stop you being able to add some healthy value to your home.

And, with property prices in London showing no signs of falling or abating, there is no better time than the present to invest some money into your property.

Improving your Home

Gone are the days of having to perform massive amounts of works, all at the same time to a property in order to add a few measly percent to its overall value. Nowadays, there are so many tried and tested routes of home improvement. With some costing less than others, you could be sitting on a goldmine of opportunity when it comes to your property:

Get a Loft Conversion

Perhaps the most popular method used to add value to a property. No matter where your property is, a loft conversion is guaranteed to add value to it. Be it a loft conversion in South West London, North London or otherwise, adding an extra storey to your property expands the value as well as the amount of space you will have at your disposal.

With a good quality loft conversion, your property’s resale value could rise by over 20%. So, if you need to take out a new mortgage, sell your home or just want to add some value for peace of mind, a loft conversion is always worth considering.

Sort Out the Kitchen

It is well established that a huge amount of time is spent in the kitchen of a property. From cooking, to snacking and just chatting, so much time is spent in the kitchen. So, why would you not improve it?

It can be as simple as giving it a deep clean and a new paint job. However, if you prefer, kitchen extensions can add a whole new dimension to the property. A larger kitchen could be the key to adding potentially thousands of pounds to the value of the property in question. Moreover, when prospective buyers have a look around, a clean, tidy and well decorated kitchen can be the jewel in the crown of the property.

Insulate your Property’s Loft

The advantages of loft insulation don’t end in the winter. Not only will you feel warmer and more comfortable in your property with a properly insulated loft space, but you will keep energy costs down. This is very appealing to many when looking for a new property. After all, why would you buy a property that isn’t as energy efficient as another?

With proper insulation, the property will require less heating via the central heating system, which in turn will drive down electricity and gas prices, which is always desirable.

Keeping your Property Simple

If you don’t have the budget to spend £25,000 on a loft conversion for example and your loft perhaps isn’t as well insulated as you might hope, you aren’t finished. Simply keep the property in question well looked after and maintained and buyers will find it that bit more appealing. They will then be willing to spend that bit extra to secure your property over another.

It can be as simple as keeping the lawn cut and tidy, the windows cleaned and the exterior of the property clean. After all, you shouldn’t need to spend a world of money to reap a world of benefits.