Innovative Staircases

By February 12, 2018Blog

It is usually the case that staircases are the feature point of any room that they sit in. They have the potential to be an extremely versatile piece of furniture.  By nature, staircases are eye-catching whether it be for their design or their functionality. If staircases are not fitting with the ascetic of the rest of the room, it can completely throw off the desired feel of the space. If a little unusual, staircases can be a serious talking point and the making of your home.

In this guide, we are going to share some staircases we think are cool and quirky, and some which have hidden functions.

Floating Staircases


Floating staircases are basically lacking a handrail, creating an incredible illusion. Typically, staircases have handrails for practical purposes, but in this case the stairs are designed so that they are wide and solid enough that they do not require handrails.

Floating staircases provide simplicity and are best suited in ultra-modern and art-deco type houses. They can open up a space to give the illusion of more room, as traditional stairs can often take up a lot more space than required.

wood-stairsThe stairs in the image above are extremely well-grounded into both the wall and the floor, offering stability even without handrails.

See-through Stairs


Typically, stairs are made from materials like wood and may or may not be covered in carpet. Stairs which are made from glass can be an interesting feature and can provide functionality.

For example, if you want to open up a space, preserve a view or bring more light into your property, see-through stairs can provide this. This type of stairs can be made of glass or other materials which allow light to seep through.

Stairs with Built-in Storage

Stairs undoubtedly take up a lot space in a house. If you struggle for space as it, it may be wise to go for some stairs which conceal some storage inside them. Stairs with storage to not have to be bulkier or bigger – you would never know there was stuff hidden in them!


You could opt for stairs which have inbuilt drawers inside the first few levels of the steps. This is extremely practical for storing things like shoes and umbrellas – a space saver for sure.


A pull-out feature in a staircase is a nice feature, offering quick access to your shoes whilst maximum space is persevered.


The staircase becomes part of the furniture. This style of space-saving stair case, pictured above, doubles up as a bookcase and disguises the actual staircase for an interesting aesthetic in order to access a loft space. A staircase and a bookshelf; both functions are equally well integrated into the design.

Spiral Staircases


Spiral staircases are among the space-efficient types of staircase. Since they spiral round, they do not have to take up a large chunk of the room like a traditional “block” style staircase would.

Spiral staircases are perfect for completing a glamorous look to a home as they are sleek and contained. They do not occupy much room, making your space look bigger than it actually is.

In addition, spiral staircases have the lowest cost of installation as they require less structure work and materials. Having one is also likely to add value to your home.