Interior Design Ideas for Your Loft

By January 19, 2018Blog, Recent News

Converting your loft is not only a smart way to make good use of the space your home has to offer, it is also the prime opportunity to ignite the interior designer within you. After we have bedecked your home with the perfect loft, it’s up to you to decide what you want the furnishings and decor to look like. Home design need not be stressful; although there are limitless options as to which look to go for, we are here to help alleviate the process and point you towards some beautiful options.

What is the Purpose of Your Conversion?

If you have decided to get a loft conversion, it is likely that you already have an idea as to what you are going to use the new-found space for. Some do, however, take the opportunity to convert their attic spaces before having any concrete ideas as to what they will do with the room created. For those of you among us, here are some ideas as to what you can do with your loft conversion, some classic and some creative.

You may use your loft to create:

  • A spare bedroom
  • A nursery
  • A playroom
  • An office
  • A workshop
  • A home cinema
  • A luxury bathroom
  • An extra living room
  • A gym
  • A library
  • A games room
  • An extra dining area
  • An indoor garden

Decide on a Colour Scheme

The first rule of interior design is to decide on a colour scheme for the room that you will keep to. The colour scheme need not be limiting or boring, but it is imperative that the items you end up buying for your space somewhat compliment one another, be it subtly or blatantly. Popular tones today are neutrals as they allow for colourful accents and relaxing, subdued areas. This loft conversion uses greys to create a tranquil living area and bedroom:


The exposed brick wall at the focal end of the room adds a stylish and rustic note to the overall look and feel of the space which is, for the most part, neat and luxurious. Chandeliers are beautiful fixtures to choose if you wish for your room to boast royalty and splendour.

Identify your Statement Piece

The statement piece of any space is the item that is noticed first and that most clearly ‘defines’ the room. Most rooms will have some sort of statement piece, whether it be a piece of furniture such as a bed or a sofa, an appliance such as a fridge or a stove, or even a decorative rug or bed-cover.


This sleek, angular bathtub is the clear statement piece of this minimalist converted bathroom. The visible floral arrangement in the window adds an important homely touch to this clean and spacious design. The dark brick wall also allows for textural variety, breaking away from the homogeneity of the smooth marble floor and ceramic tub.

Optimise Comfort

Contrary to popular belief, interior design is not all about looking good. A happy home is a comfortable home, after all. When it comes to living spaces, especially in the UK, it is not worth putting style over snugness. That is not to say, however, that you can’t have both. When it comes to purchasing things like sofas, armchairs, and mattresses, ensure that you comfort-test them before investing. When buying online, make sure to thoroughly read reviews submitted by other buyers with a focus on their comfort evaluations.

Other things you can get in order to make your loft conversion more comfortable and stylish include:

  • Rugs and carpets
  • Cushions
  • Blankets and throws
  • Beanbags
  • A recliner
  • A chaise-longue
  • A futon
  • A day-bed
  • A window seat

Add Some Greenery

Make sure to spruce up your new loft conversion with some plants. Big or small, floral or not; plants have a unique way of truly bringing your home to life. Even the addition of just one tiny succulent amongst your belongings can work wonders for your home. If you are not blessed with green fingers, plants such as cacti, aloe vera, succulents and orchids are extremely low-maintenance and difficult to kill. If you prefer larger plants, consider getting a bonsai tree or an indoor fern to add some healthy, leafy greens to your loft conversion.


This loft conversion is full to the brim with gorgeous feature plants and leafy greens, truly bringing the space to life. This many plants may be quite the commitment when it comes to maintenance, but the payoff is a lovely, breathable room.


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