Malcolm Newman discusses Loft Conversions on Martin Roberts Property Radio Show

By November 7, 2016Uncategorized

martin-robertsThis week, Premier Lofts’s Founder Malcolm Newman discussed loft conversions with Radio Host, Martin Roberts on TalkRadio. Martin Roberts is a property expert and popular radio personality who will be entering the jungle in “I’m a Celebrity” this Sunday 13th November.

Listen to the full interview below which starts at 2 mins 30 secs:

Key Takeaways

Referring to Malcolm 38 years of experience in the loft industry, Roberts cheekily calls him a ‘Bat’ and asks questions about the uses of lofts, roof structures, planning permission, building regulations and costs. Here are some of the key takeaways from the interview:

Uses of Attic Conversions

Storage has been the traditionally use but once converted, a typical 3 bedroom home with a terrace will look to add a nice-sized double bedroom with a shower room or 2 bedrooms with a shower. Larger Victorian houses are including a converted roof terrace or balcony on the property and this is becoming more popular in certain boroughs.

Roof Structures

A loft conversion can essentially be added to any roof structure, obviously depending on the planning permission and your personal requirements. It is important though that you don’t go up to your loft with a sledgehammer ready to go the work yourself – this could lead to all kinds of problems!

Planning Permission

You and your property will require planning permission if you live in a conservation area, have other properties close to you such as flats or detached homes and also if you are planning on changing the ceiling height of your rooms or entire house.

Building Regulations

This is something that you always need and refers to the structural calculations and plans that you will need to present to the regulators or local authorities. This includes stair, fire regulations, plumbing, electrical and more.


The average cost of a loft conversion in London, for a 3 bed semi detached home is £30,000 to £40,000 + VAT. Prices can vary depending on the client’s requirements such as use of glass and bi-fold doors. The investment should be able to pay for itself when you re-sell the property. It is important for clients to try maximise space as not only will it be worth more eventually but the family and kids will get the best use of the extra space!

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