Room Ideas for a Loft Conversion

By June 7, 2018Blog

A loft conversion can add significant value to your home, both in function and in financial terms. It is estimated that adding a room to your home can add the value of anywhere between £50,000 and £60,000 or 20% of your homes original value. With a loft conversion typically starting at around £30,000, you are almost sure to see a return on such a large investment.

If you have a loft space which you want to convert into an extra room, but are not quite sure what you could use it for, we have some ideas to inspire you. The great thing about loft conversions is that they can pretty much be used for any purpose, including just using the room for storage but not in the way of a typical, unorganised room.

So, what can you convert your loft into?

A Bedroom

north-london-loftsProbably the most common loft conversion is an extra bedroom or a guest suite. If the space permits it, you could create a bedroom with an ensuite for the purposes of guests or for yourself.

You may find that the largest space in your home is the loft, so why not turn it into the master bedroom with or without an ensuite, depending on your preference. It is the perfect location for those who want their sleeping space to be quiet and cut off from the rest of the house.

A Home Office

If you work from home regularly or permanently, you may find that it is hard to do so without sufficient office space. The loft could be the perfect place to create an office. It is separate to the rest of the house, which means you can separate your relaxation space from your working environment.

A home office could include a bathroom, so that everything is on one floor. You could also put a sofa bed for when you have guests round so that the room as more than one purpose which will in turn add value to your home.

A Den

A nice idea is to provide your teenagers or younger children with a living space of their own which is not their bedroom. Kit out the room with sofas, chairs, a TV, games consoles and even a pool table!  You could even put in a “homework” space for them to complete their school work in a nice environment.

For younger children, it could be a place to store their toys and restrict play to that room alone. This will result in the rest of your house being less cluttered with toys and will save you from constantly stepping on Lego pieces.

If you are big TV watchers, a nice U shaped sofa offers a good use of space and is perfect for entertaining.

A Dressing Room

You could create a walk-in wardrobe and dressing room at the top of your home. This is perfect for those who have a cluttered wardrobe or little storage in their bedroom.

Picture having a bathroom in the loft space, which you then step out of one you have showered or bathed for the morning or evening, into a wardrobe full of your clothes and a grooming area for make-up and hair. You could also have your shoes displayed clearly, rather than kicked-off by the door in the hall. This could also help to keep the bedroom a lot tidier and for longer, as well as making your morning and night time routines a lot less stressful and more enjoyable.

You could choose to store your everyday clothes in your bedroom and simply use the space in the loft for your occasion wear, if you are someone who owns plenty of suits or dresses. Alternatively, you could choose to keep all of your clothing items in this space and even get rid of your bedroom wardrobe, adding space to the room which can be utilised in other ways.