Self-build scheme to help veterans

By October 12, 2019Blog

A brand new self-build scheme in Hertfordshire has just started, and this self-build project has the aim of helping to support armed forces veterans with finding more affordable housing options.

What is the self-build project?

The project which takes place in Leominster, involves veterans from the armed forces getting construction experience and skills, as well as a comfortable place to live. Up to nine veterans will be involved with the self-build scheme.

The development project involves 19 properties (comprising of both flats and houses). They are available to rent at an affordable price, and a percentage of these buildings will be specifically allocated for ex-members of the armed forces.

Who is organising the project?

The project is a partnership between the Royal British Legion, as well as the housing association Stonewater: who is working with the Community Self Build Agency.

These nine veterans will all receive support and training from the local contractor of Stonewater, Harper Group Construction Ltd. Once this development has been built, these veterans will then get the opportunity to rent one of these properties that they played a role in helping to build.

It is hoped that this self-build scheme will have a number of benefits. This includes helping veterans get further training and skills after having left the armed forces to aid them with further employment, as well as helping to tackle the growing issue of affordable housing across the country.


A need for more affordable housing

The announcement of this scheme for veterans comes as the situation regarding affordable housing has been worsening. For example, a recent survey shows that the cost of a property for a first-time buyer may rise by a whopping 150% in the next three decades.

There is also a severe lack of housing available in the UK. As a result of the lack of available properties on the market, house prices are surging for the 28 million dwellings in the UK. In data collected by the UK Housing Index, it is thought that the average price of a property in the country is rising by 4.2 percent this year to £224,144.

Furthermore, in research collected by the Office of National Statistics, this average house price in England and Wales now means that for a full-time worker, purchasing a house would now be 7.8 times more than their average salary.