Space saving tips for a small kitchen

By April 18, 2018Blog

If you have a kitchen of a smaller size and are struggling to maximise your storage and space, we have some tips to help you out. Just because you have a small amount of space does not mean that you have to compromise on greatness! It is what you do with the space that matters.

It is the case that a well-designed or bespoke kitchen is one with minimal levels of clutter and maximum efficiency. Whether you are aiming to remodel your small kitchen or just redecorate, we have you covered with tips on how to get the most out of your small space.

Smart Cabinets

hidden-kitchen-storageWhen it comes to cupboards and cabinets in a small space, you will have to be smart. Instead of traditional cupboards, you could opt for pull out cabinets or cupboards with sliding doors to save on space.

Things like the bin and the recycling could go into a drawer-style cupboard rather than being stand-alone, which would obviously take up floor space. It is more compact and more hygienic overall.

Open Shelving

shelvingOpen shelving can double up as a source for storage and decoration. Display your best crockery and the like on open shelving for an aesthetically pleasing wall which has functionality.

Having open shelving in a small kitchen along a wall can create the illusion that the room is longer than it is.

Add in light

To create the feel of a lighter and bigger kitchen, the oldest trick in the book is to maximise natural lighting. To do this, why not add mirrors on the wall or in cabinet doors. The mirrors will reflect any natural light which is present in your kitchen all around the room and create the illusion of a bigger kitchen.

Another meaning to add in light is through the means of décor. Replace any dark cabinetry or terra-cotta tiles with materials such as marble or a light coloured granite and paint your cabinets a lighter colour. This is sure to make your kitchen feel twice as big as it did before.

Contain kitchen clutter

Kitchens are notorious for becoming very cluttered and messy after just one use each time. It is recommended that you utilise things like baskets and trays when it comes to containing clutter. Not only to they look nice, but they are also great for organising collectables and crockery which all belong together.

Try hanging your pots, pans and other tools from the wall on a pot rack. This will free up counter space and can look very beautiful as décor.

Tucked-under seating

tucked-underFor a breakfast bar, a useful space-saving tip is to have backless stools which can be fully tucked underneath it. Them being able to be so effortlessly slipped underneath the counter will save you floor space when the stools are not in use. Another tip is to aim to match the colour of the stools to the colour of the breakfast bar so that they blend in and do not stand out for that seamless effect that a small kitchen requires to look all the bigger.