Spring Ideas for your home

By April 4, 2018Blog

If you feel as though your home needs a bit of brightening up for the spring time, there are plenty of small adjustments and additions you can make to your home to make it spring appropriate. It’s safe to say that most of us are ready to break out of the winter rut and welcome in the sunnier days and longer evenings.

Here are some updates that you can do in your home which are quick, easy and effective for spring.

Clean your home



As an initial step, you should aim to clean your home to prepare it for the springtime. A spring clean can be time-consuming if you let it be. To get the task of the spring clean done quicker, it is advisable that you tackle the furnishings, appliances and carpets. Once you have covered these, it should mean the rest of the spring takes a lot less time, says cleaning experts, Serna.

Once your house is clean and everything is where you want it to be, you can focus on spring décor.

As part of your spring-cleaning, you could do a few DIY touch-ups here and there. Correcting markings on the paint, for example, really will make all the difference.


Update your pillows



For a quick refresh, why not change out the cushions on your sofa and armchairs? Opt for lighter weight fabrics and softer colours. Fabrics like silk, tweed and velvet are beautiful but can appear rather heavy for the warmer months. Choose breezy fabrics like cotton to match with the spring aesthetic.


Refresh the bedding




Likewise, with the pillows, certain fabrics and colours can create a sense of warmth in your bedrooms which is great for autumn and winter, but you may want to have a little refresh for spring and summer.

For the spring months, you could choose a pop of colour on your bed spread to liven up your room at the most appropriate time of year.

Introduce new scents

clean-cottonIf you are someone who enjoys filling their home with scents, whether be through candles, diffusers, wax melts or even fragrant flowers, spring is an exciting time to switch it up. Obviously, adding spring flowers into your home is not only beautiful but can introduce a subtle scent into the room to place them in.

Yankee Candle always brings out spring and Easter specific scents for the candles, wax melts and diffusers – it is nice to have things in a sort of theme. Scents which are perfect for spring include things like clean cotton or something a bit citrusy.

Dress up the table

embroidery-Lace-Round-TableclothTo make your table a centre piece, whether it be in the kitchen or the dining room, put a gorgeous and light tablecloth over it and proceed to decorate it with seasonal flowers and other trinkets. It may be best to do this to a table that you do not use on a daily basis, if possible

Choose florals

During the springtime, flowers pop up everywhere outside. As for your home, it may be a lovely idea to reflect this through your interiors.

Consider floral beddings, cushion tablecloths and even swapping out your heavier curtains for lighter, flowery curtains or blinds. This is an old school trick which can transform your home from winter into spring/summer. If you invest in new florals, you can keep them for each year and swap them in and out accordingly.

Keep it simple

Springtime speaks of minimalism after a period of Christmas festivities which usually results in clutter. We all want freshness in the spring, so they best thing to do is keep your décor simple.

Perhaps send out rugs to be deep cleaned and enjoy having bear flooring for a while. Remove any bulky accessories to be put back during the colder months. The accessories in your house during spring should be plants and flowers.