The Advantages of Loft Insulation

By March 1, 2016Blog

It’s no secret that keeping warm in the UK isn’t just limited to the winter seasons as is the case in so many other countries around the world. Changeable weather and unpredictable climates are an increasing problem and with a decrease in temperature comes an increase in heating and energy bills.

Keeping household bills down is of paramount importance to every household and often holds one of the most valuable keys to financial stability. However, energy and electricity prices are highly volatile and cannot be controlled by consumers.

One of the most popular methods of maintaining low energy bills while keeping a property warm is insulating the walls and ceilings of a property’s loft. Aside from the well-known benefits reaped by every property that undergoes a loft conversion, insulating that conversion is often the icing on the cake.

No matter where your property is in the UK, it will always benefit from a loft conversion by our experts and subsequent loft insulation. With property prices across London on the rise, it has become harder than ever to move and so any method of increasing the comfort and value of your property is one of the best moves you can take.

With a top notch London loft conversion and the insulation to go with it, you will increase your property’s value, lower your energy costs and keep you and your family nice and warm throughout the year, come what may.

How it Works

While all loft conversions in London and elsewhere always receive a degree of insulation to ensure they are warm when required, ‘loft insulation’ typically refers to taking this a step further. By properly insulating the walls and ceilings of the extension, an effective barrier between hot and cold air is created. This ensures the hot air remains inside where it is needed and the cold air is kept out.

By creating an air pocket, the rooms in question will feel much warmer and will be that bit more comfortable for you and your family, no matter what you use it for.

The best way to go about arranging for your loft to be insulated is to arrange for it to be done through accredited energy grant schemes (often government approved), materials and tradesmen. This ensures that your property receives the best quality insulation for the best value.

By keeping the hot air in and the cold air out, you will also greatly decrease the chances of any condensation forming in the loft of your property, which could in the worst cases lead to dampness and therefore further costs to you.

Additionally, because heat naturally rises, the loft of your property is the most likely location for heat loss to occur. Through the proper insulation of your property, you will ensure that there is minimal heat loss from the loft and therefore from the property overall.

How will a properly Insulated loft benefit me and my property?

There is a great deal of benefits that come with an expertly and properly insulated loft conversion for your property, no matter its size, purpose or overall design:

Save money on your household bills – one of the most appealing aspects to having your loft insulated. Less heat will be lost as a result of it, meaning that you will rely less on your central heating, keeping bills down. You could save more than £100 per year.

Improve your home’s Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) – every property has an EPC, which takes various factors into account and judges how energy efficient your property is. Insulating the loft; reducing heat loss improves your home’s EPC and increases its saleability.

Effective for over 40 years – with proper loft insulation lasting many decades, you will enjoy the benefits of an insulated loft and will save more than £4,000 as a result!

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