Providing you with home cinema installation is a specialised skill that when complete, provides you and your property with a truly unique space in which to relax, enjoy your favourite movies and television programmes. There is nothing quite like having your very own movie theatre right in the heart of your home throughout the year.

In addition to the installation and constructing of your specialised cinema room, the design is paramount to its success. You may desire a small and intimate cinema room or one that is big and comfortable enough for the whole family and some friends. Whatever you are after, we work with a team of specialists who have many years of experience in designing, supplying, fitting and providing all of the accessories for the home cinema you need.

Having your own movie theatre means that you can customise every feature and detail ranging from the décor and colour scheme all the way through to the additions and equipment used in what is sure to become your favourite room of your home. There is nothing quite like having a full cinematic experience in the comfort and privacy of your own home to enjoy with friends and family whenever you wish.


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Things to Consider When Building a Home Cinema


You may have your heart set on getting your very own cinema in your home, but it is likely that you are unsure of where to start, what considerations you need to think about and the requirements; legal and otherwise that may be part and parcel of the cinema room, the work it entails and its installation. Things like double glazing to reduce exterior noise interference and a basement to add an additional layer of privacy may also help enhance the experience and make you home cinema that bit better (learn more). However, it is much simpler than many expect, as long as a number of considerations are make and criteria met:

Installation and Provider – There are many providers and installers of such systems for your home. However, it is very important that whoever you choose is approved and certified by CEDIA, who are the main industry body. Having a CEDIA approved installer will give you the peace of mind that you receive the best service from an accredited provider. You should check the provider’s credentials before the design phase for your cinema room.

Room Size and Space – When selecting the perfect room for your cinema system, one of the fundamental things you will need is space and the right shape of room which will help with the design and the acoustics too. Rectangular rooms work best and accommodate good seating and the perfect acoustics too. If you don’t have a rectangular room, square and other shaped rooms can work, but this must be assessed on a case by case basis and other shape rooms may prove more difficult to achieve perfect acoustic and sound quality.

Seating Positions and Design – Of course you will want to fit more than 1 or two seats in your cinema room in order to allow you to comfortably seat a number of friends and family. The ideal seating position is around 35°. Any more than this and the viewing experience may be interrupted. Also, if the seating position is any more than 40° or less than 30°, peripheral vision may be affected or the experience may feel too large for the room.



Home Cinema Accessories and Equipment


Once you have the right room of your property, have found a credible and trusted provider and have all of the technical specifications and features out of the way, the next stage is likely to be the selecting of home cinema accessories and equipment to adorn the room itself. There is no shortage of offerings when it comes to this, however, it is important that you choose the equipment and supplementary features that best suit and serve your room.


Your Home Cinema Projector


For larger and higher end cinema rooms, projectors are often used alongside a screen and sound system to provide you with the ultimate viewing experience, as close to a traditional cinema as you can get. You should consider though which projector and its associated features will be best suited to the design and layout of your room and the noise the projector itself produces. Our experts though will be happy to guide you through this.



Lighting: Design and Control


Another important feature for your home cinema room is the lighting you select and the control of it. There is a delicate line between having a cinema that is too dark and uncomfortable and a cinema where the lights are turned too bright, impacting on your overall viewing experience and enjoyment. We will work with you to make sure that the lighting control system you receive is bespoke and is perfect for your specific room and design requirements.

Electronics: Wiring and Layout of Cables


One of the more technical considerations for your home cinema system is the wiring and the positioning of the electronic systems that you will require. Our team have a great deal of experience and will take care of the wiring, the positioning of all cables and more. We will ensure that your home cinema system is fit for purpose and doesn’t impact on any of the other electrical systems or installations throughout your home. This will go hand in hand with the supply and installation of all the home cinema accessories you need.


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