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loft-extension-ideasPremier Lofts was established in 1990 by our founder Malcolm Newman. Malcolm saw a space in the market for a company that could provide top quality, bespoke and reasonably priced attic conversions and loft installations. In more than 25 years of providing premium quality loft installations, we have satisfied hundreds of customers, all of whom have been left with a smile on their face as a result of the work and service they have received from us at Premier Lofts. We cover the whole of London, from loft conversions in East London, to attic conversions in the South.

We have decades of experience, with Malcolm alone, having been in the trade for over 30 years. On top of that we have our teams of experienced project managers who are always on hand to provide you with that extra bit of guidance throughout the process of your loft installation. Furthermore, we are based in London and so no job we take on is ever too far afield, meaning you will always get the very best service and be added to the growing list of happy customers.

With loft installation projects starting from just £25,000 + VAT, we are able to suit the work you need to your budget and we are also glad to guide you through the entire process.

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Loft Installation Requirements

There are numerous requirements and obligations that must be met in order to be able to proceed with a loft installation:

Planning Permission – Granted by your local council, planning permission ensures that permission to commence work on a loft installation is only granted where it is fair and appropriate. An application must be made to the relevant department of your local council in order to apply for and then subsequently be granted the necessary permission.

Building Regulations – All builders and tradesmen must adhere to the latest building regulations which are put in place by the Building Control body of the council. Building regulations ensure that all work carried out is done so to a universal standard, ensuring everyone and everything remains safe and legal.

Clear Planning and Design – Before any work can be started, it is very important that the work to be done and what needs to be achieved is carefully planned and designed. Good planning and a quality design will make sure that the project runs smoothly and expectations are met. Moreover, as part of the planning and design process, it should be established, whether or not there is enough space to achieve the aims you have set for your loft installation project.

Premier Lofts are seasoned professionals and we always take care of all of the planning permission applications and we also fully adhere to the latest building regulations. We make the applications for you and take care of all of the administrative tasks involved with your loft installation, so you can relax, safe in the knowledge that all your applications are in safe, capable hands at all times. 


What Does a Loft Installation Involve?

A loft installation project can at times seem like a daunting project. However, Premier Lofts will support you every step of the journey and our experienced project managers will make sure that you receive weekly updates on the progress of your property’s development, so you are always kept in the know.

There are a number of aspects involved in successfully completing a loft installation. Firstly, once everything in the attic such as storage items and furniture has been moved out, the entire room is stripped down to the barebones and the structural skeleton, to allow the builder to start afresh.

Next, the restructuring takes place. This is the stage during which the attic will be increased in size and remodelled using steels and large wooden beams. The plumbing and electrics will then be put in place, while the attic is still in a bare state. Once this is all in place, the actual room(s) will be put together and any walls and extra roofing and flooring will be taken care of too.

Finally, the new loft installation will be decorated and the finishing touches will be made. Premier Lofts however, take this one step further and will always provide a professional deep clean once all of the building and decorating work is completed, to ensure you can move in immediately. With the updates you will receive from our project managers and Malcolm himself, you will always be able to anticipate your moving in date and prepare everything that you need to.

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