Premier Lofts has provided Victorian extensions all over London since 1990. Malcolm founded Premier Lofts after noticing that there was no company on the market that could offer customers a bespoke service, with a caring touch and at reasonable prices. Premier Lofts and Malcolm are very proud to be able to offer Victorian extensions at such high quality throughout the capital.


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As the capital, London has a knack for setting trends and coming up with clever ways to utilise and make the most of space a property may have to offer and a Victorian extension is just that. Making the most out of the space your property has to offer means that you could both increase its value and enjoy living there in more comfort than you may have imagined. So its no surprises that London loft conversions and ground extensions are so popular.

Premier Lofts are able to offer Victorian extensions to any eligible property to the same high standards as the rest of our work. 


What is a Victorian Extension?


Victorian extensions are provided to Victorian style properties whose shape allows a great deal more space to be acquired. Victorian houses are tall, narrow and are often terraced or semi-detached properties, meaning that the amount of space you can extend towards is very limited. You can’t extend far outwards, as you may infringe upon a neighbour’s land. However, you can extend upwards and go for an attic conversion. However, once this has been done your options are very limited, there is typically only limited garden space, so large ground floor extensions are out of the question.





However, there is typically an area of the downstairs, rear area that juts out into the garden (usually before any ground floor extension). A Victorian extension, also known as a Back Upper Dimension (BUD) extension exploits this available space and allows you to build an extra extension atop the protruding part of the property. This upstairs, back extension can see you property gain one or more rooms, which in a potentially cramped property could be a real gem. Victorian extensions are a clever way of exploiting the property’s potential for extra space to its fullest. Victorian extensions are popular in fashionable areas of London which have the correct style properties, including SW6 – Fulham and Parsons Green.

Additionally, properties that acquire more space and rooms through a Victorian extension could see as much as £60,000 added to the value of their property, meaning that a Victorian extension from Premier Lofts is a very sound investment in your fashionable Victorian property.


Am I Eligible for a Victorian Extension?


Victorian extensions are usually only carried out on Victorian style properties, as the name implies. The reason for this is because the size, shape and structure of Victorian properties provide everything you need to carry out a BUD extension, in that you have all the supporting features and underlying space available.

However, even with a Victorian style property, there are a number of considerations and applications that should be made before carrying out the works:

Planning Permission – in order to be eligible for a Victorian extension and to be legally permitted to go ahead with the works, you must have gained planning permission from your local council. An application detailing what works will be carried out and where on the property this will affect must be completed. Only once the council are happy with the application and proposed plans will they grant you planning permission; providing the go ahead you need for your Victorian extension.

Building Regulations – To ensure that the works carried out on your Victorian property are legal and safe, the Building control Department of the council may inspect the works and the materials on site. This ensures that no one is at present or future risk as a result of the works carried out.

Neighbours – As a goodwill gesture, many proprietors, undertaking Victorian extensions may well decide to consult with their adjacent neighbours to ensure that such an extension will not block any of their property’s sunlight or affect their living next door to the works.

Premier Lofts take care of all of the necessary aspects. We will complete and submit all planning permission and building regulations applications and paperwork and we will run you through the whole process so you always know what is going on. That is why our project managers will always provide you with a weekly update on the progress of your works.



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