Basement conversion ideas

By July 6, 2018Blog

If you are wanting to make the most of your property and convert an unused basement into an extra room or two, this can add some serious value to your home. Basements which remain unused often get filled with clutter and things that you have no idea what to do with. Instead of this, why not make some use of the space and turn it into a fully functioning room? The basement, should you be so lucky to have one, is the perfect space to be transformed into a warm and welcoming area for your family and friends to enjoy.

For your inspiration, here are some ideas to help you decide what you want to do with your basement in terms of what the room could be and how it could be styled.

A Bedroom

bedroom-in-basementYour basement could be turned into a guest bedroom suite, kitted out with an en-suite and seating area. This would give your guests the space and privacy they may wish to have when staying at your home.

You could even transform the basement into a super-deluxe master bedroom. So instead of going upstairs to bed, you can go downstairs to bed and it is still on a different level to the living area in your home. Since basements are usually quite vast, you may have room for a walk-in wardrobe and a generously sized bathroom down there. It does not have to be dark and dingy, the lighting and the décor can lighten up the room and make it a relaxing environment for you to lay your head down at night.

A games room or a playroom

basement-constructionWith a basement being separated from the main body of the house, it would be a perfect location to have a games room for adults and teenagers alike, as well as a kid’s playroom.

A games room is essentially another living space in your home but is also great for entertaining guests. You could have things like video-gaming and seating, a pool table and somewhere to store all your video games and board games. You could even have a build in bar created – this will also declutter your kitchen from your alcohol stash.

A kid’s playroom may also be a wise option to keep the clutter of toys and games away from your living room, kitchen, hall or kids bedrooms. Your children can have a little space to call their own which is dedicated to play-time. When not in the room, they will know it is not play-time and must behave accordingly.

An office

office-in-basementIf you work from home on a permeant basis or work from home relatively regularly, you could think about converting your basement into a home office. Since the basement is separate from the rest of the house, you can separate your relaxation space from your working space – this is very important for productivity.

If you work in something that more practical based and requires space, then an office basement conversion could provide you with a workshop to carry out what it is you do without cluttering up the house.

A home office based in the basement could include a bathroom so that everything is on one floor. You could also put a sofa bed for when you have guests round so that the room as more than one purpose which will, in turn, add value to your home.

A cinema room

cinema-roomYou could really get creative with a cinema room! This would be a great space to entertain guests or for you and your family to spend quality time together.

Kit the room out with comfy chairs and/or sofas, a big screen or a projector and even a popcorn machine and a bar! This could truly be a selling point for your home.