Christmas Decorating Essentials Checklist

By December 4, 2018Blog

It is that wonderful time of year where we all get ready to deck the halls. It is a very exciting time of year indeed and an excuse to dress up the house with fancy decorations and twinkling lights. As well as being a celebration of Christmas, it can also distract us from the miserable weather outside. There’s no doubt about it, Christmas décor is cosy décor.

As it can be a very overwhelming time with work parties, thinking of gifts, preparing for the family to all come home, we have put together this comprehensive guide of the things that you may want to decorate your home. Alongside the items, we will be giving some thoughts and tips to how to use them best to suit your tastes.

Christmas Tree

The most obvious piece of Christmas décor is the famous Christmas tree. The Christmas tree actually originated in Germany in the 16th century and was heavily popularised in the UK by Prince Albert, the husband to Queen Victoria.

Nowadays, it is the norm for pretty much every household to put up a Christmas tree. How you decorate it depends on your general home décor and your personal preference.

For a winter wonderland feel, white lights and silver, purple and blue tree decorations would best suit.


For a cosier atmosphere, go for golden-toned lights, and festive colours like gold and red for the decorations. If you want to make your tree more fun, why not put some multi-coloured lights on it.

xmas-treeTo make your tree busier if it seems lacking, consider adding some tinsel. However, this has recently fallen out of fashion but it is completely up to you.

You may also want to get a tree stand for a real tree and a tree skirt for further decoration.

There is also debate as to whether a star or an angel sits best as the top of the tree, so get decided which you prefer.

Real Christmas Tree vs Fake Christmas Tree

fake-vs-realYou will also want to choose between a real tree or an artificial tree. Many people choose to go for an artificial tree as it saves them having to purchase a new one each year and is far less maintenance. On the other hand, many opt for a real tree as it gives off that Christmassy pine smell, they often look fuller and they bring a living thing into the house – just like a houseplant. If you are conscious of being environmentally friendly, instead of throwing your real Christmas tree out, why not plant it in the garden year in, year out? They last for years.


There is nothing like a child waking up on Christmas morning to a stocking hanging above the fire or at the end of their bed, bursting with treats.

You can have them up whilst empty during the Christmas period for additionally festive décor and to encourage your family’s excitement.


Garlands are perfect for making your home feel extra Christmassy. You can use fresh or artificial garlands for mantelpieces and or on staircase bannisters.


Rounded garlands, also known as wreaths, are also very commonly placed on a house’s front door as a sign that you celebrate Christmas and embrace the Christmas period.

Garlands are actually very easy to make and this is a common activity for those who enjoy DIY around this time of year.

Outside Lights

Not just focussing on internal décor, many people love to dress up the outside of their homes during the winter with lights and other decorations.

lightsSome ideas as to where you can put up lights outside of your home include:

  • On the front of your house (often draped over the gutter)
  • Wrapped around a tree
  • Woven into a bush
  • Around your front door
  • Over the porch

You could also choose to put some lawn figures out, such as light up reindeers, snowmen or Santa’s.