Extra Comfort for the Winter

By August 16, 2016Blog

When the summer is upon us, we don’t look much further than the sunshine, a cold drink and our impending summer holiday what we’ll need for extra comfort for the winter is miles off. However, the midst of the summer also means that autumn is not too far off and while winter can seem a world away, the fact is it isn’t that far off. While loft conversions in London in particular take place all year round; including through the winter due to the huge demand, other work does not need to be so.

It is therefore important that preparations for a property for the winter are all completed in a timely fashion. There are few things worse for homeowners, residents or tenants than potentially intrusive and ‘wall opening’ works carried out in the winter months.

Nobody likes the extra chill of winter and the rain entering their living space. However, if works on a property are not carried out in time, that is what the reality will be; discomfort.

There is a wide array of potential works that you as the homeowner or your landlord (in the case of tenants) may need to carry out and this can include:

  • Fitting new double glazing
  • A new conservatory
  • Cavity wall insulation
  • Loft insulation
  • General, yet important exterior and/ or structural repairs

While emergencies and natural occurrences like flooding and storms of course cannot be completely predicted or prepared for, such as if your roof is damaged during the autumn or winter as a result of high winds and more rain that normal, some repairs and works can and should be prepared for and carried out well in advance.


Double glazing can do wonders in the winter months

Property Preparation is Key

When it comes to the likes of double glazing, a new conservatory and types of insulation, there is no reason why these things cannot be prepared for in the spring and summer months. For some, it may even be feasible for these works to be carried out whilst away on holiday; returning to completed works on your property, flat or accommodation.

If you are a tenant, ask your landlord what needs to be done to the property in time for winter. If you are a homeowner, check your property for things like exterior damage, condensation, [rising] damp, mould and drafts. These problems will be more comfortably fixed in the summer months. Additionally, if a potential problem is left alone to get worse; it may result in hefty emergency callouts and charges through the winter.

For the largescale works such as double glazing being added to a property, leaving this to the winter months will result in a great deal of potential discomfort for you and your family as gaping holes and structural voids are opened up in your property. As double glazing will require entire windows and their fittings to be removed and replaced with the new windows, frames and insulation, you should make sure these works are carried out well in advance.

For the likes of home insulation, roof works and general repairs, you often can’t predict when these will be needed, as by nature, much of the causative damage is very much last minute.

However, perhaps now is the time to give your property that quick ‘MOT?’

In the end, you won’t regret being prepared.