The Federation of Master Builders

By July 20, 2016Blog

The Federation of Master Builders (FMB) is a body that you will hear about a lot, especially as a homeowner, landlord or someone looking to have works undertaken on a property; be it a large mansard loft conversion or a smaller terraced property extension. You will find a number of companies, including us at Premier Lofts who are fully registered and listed with the Federation of Master Builders.

You may recognise their logo and see it on websites, workers’ vans and vehicles, correspondence and other places. It is important however that you understand just who the FMB is; what they do, why they are important and why some companies are registered and listed with them.

So who is the FMB?

The Federation of Master Builders in the largest trade body and association in the UK construction industry. The Federation is a collection of many tradespeople, builders and construction and industry professionals and experts.

The FMB accredits its members, allowing you, as the customer to rest assured that the works carried out by the member in question will be of a minimum standard and to the quality you should expect. Another benefit of the Federation of Master Builders as a whole is that should a builder, construction worker or tradesperson claim they are a member of the esteemed organisation; you can contact the federation online or otherwise to check the credentials of the person claiming this.

This ability to check is particularly useful and efficient in the rooting out of ‘cowboy builders’ and others who may use the name of the FMB fraudulently for their own gain and at the detriment of the customer.


The FMB’s logo is an easy way to know you can trust a tradesperson

The FMB’s Manifesto and Aims

The Federation of Master Builders has a clear manifesto and series of policies, all of which help progress the construction and building industries. It is this manifesto and these policies that are applied to and abided by all FMB members throughout the UK.

Ultimately, the FMB seeks to build trust in the construction industry, vetting all members sufficiently to give customers peace of mind at all times.

What do the Federation of Master Builders Do?

He FMB allows tradespeople, builders and all others in construction to apply to become a member of the esteemed FMB. However, there are a series of rigorous and in depth checks for all members. Failing these checks means admission to the Federation of Master Builders will not be granted until such time the checks are successfully passed.

This is very important as the FMB seeks to improve standards and practices across construction.

Furthermore, the Federation of Master Builders actively and frequently promotes its members under the FMB umbrella. Members can be found on their prominent site and upon enquiring with the FMB, an enquiry is directed by the FMB to the most appropriate member.