Getting Your Garden Summer Ready

By May 8, 2018Blog

As the weather improves over here in the United Kingdom, we all want to make use of gardens for the few weeks which we see the sun. This year, don’t just simply drag the barbecue out, dust off the old sun loungers and blow up the paddling pool – make some real improvement so you can impress with your gorgeous garden, a place to be enjoyed by everyone.

It is understandable that most people just want to get out in the sun as it appears, which is why you should take some time out before we hit the height of summer to get your garden ready for those summer months. Take advantage of the longer and lighter evenings to get things in place for when it really starts to heat up. The longer days mean that even if you work a 9-5 job, you can utilise the brighter mornings and the lighter evenings – whichever may suit your lifestyle.

In this guide, we provide some things you can do to make sure your garden is prepped for you to bask in the sun in peace and in a beautiful environment which is all yours.

Keep your lawn maintained

Having a mown law should really be a priority for any of us garden lovers. Anything you do will not look complete if you do not keep on top of your lawn. It must be said that in summer, the grass will grow back quicker because of the sun, so keep this in mind if you are drawing up a mowing schedule.

You should also aim to banish any weeds that you come across. Use weed control products in your garden to keep it looking its best.

Clear out the shed


It can be the case for a lot of us that we tend to stockpile a lot of odd bits in our garden sheds over the winter months. This can result in a jungle of tools which can seem like too much of a task to even begin to think about injuring, but this can only get worse if you don’t.

The best way to start tackling the task is to remove everything from the shed. Next, place things not ‘keep’ and ‘don’t keep’ piles, throw away or give away anything in the ‘don’t keep’ pile. Then you should deep clean the actual structure of the empty shed and start to put the things the ‘keep’ pile back in – make sure you don’t just shove them in, but rather place them in an organised order.

Garden Furniture

If you already have things like outdoor sofas and an outdoor table and chairs set, you will want to make sure these are pristine for the summer months. During winter, you should take the cushions off of the sofa so they do not get damaged. Before putting them out, give them a wash so that they are fresh as a summers day. This goes for the cushions on any sun loungers or anything of the sort.

Use a hose to power wash any wooden or plastic garden furniture, as they can build up plenty of grime over time.

Paint the Fence

To give your garden a new lease of life, paint the fence and/or the shed. The weather conditions of the winter months can seriously take their toll on your fence and your shed. Therefore, before summer comes it is a great idea to touch up these with a lick of paint.

Prepare your conservatory

conservatory-installationIf you are lucky enough to have a conservatory, you should get this ready for the summer months as this when you are most likely to make sure of it.

Partake in a deep clean and a declutter of the room. Make sure the glass is clean as this will look good from not only the inside, looking out into the garden, but also from the garden looking into the house.

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