Half of buyers wouldn’t buy home with a messy garden

By August 13, 2019Blog

If you are trying to sell a property, you may be possibly thinking of carrying out some home improvements, or maybe renovating or rebuilding parts of your property (such as adding a loft conversion) in order to attract buyers. However, don’t forget to neglect the outside of your house too if you are looking to sell it for a good price: it has been revealed that one of the things that put off potential buyers the most from a house is not just the interior – but the exterior too.

The garden’s condition is important to buyers

In a recent survey carried out by the property website Zoopla, asking potential buyers what things puts them off houses when searching to buy, messy gardens were a huge turn-off. 47% of those who took part had said that a garden that was in bad condition (such as being cluttered, or the grass being vastly overgrown) had put them off purchasing a property in the past, or they asked for a lower price.

Evidently, such a simple thing to potentially overlook as a seller (and a simple thing in most cases to put right too) could possibly cost sellers thousands of pounds.

Good garden layout important for buyers

50% of buyers who participated in the survey also said that an excellent garden layout was key when looking to buy a home. In fact, it was considered to be more important than a well-designed kitchen or a bathroom. This shows that contrary to popular belief, investing in the exterior of your house, and its overall appearance should be focused on more by sellers if they are looking to not only increase its value but also to sell in the first place. After all, it has been reported that almost nine in ten homeowners (as well as renters) believe that their outside space to be either very or extremely important.

How much do people spend on their gardens

In the same survey, Zoopla asked people as to what they spend on their current gardens, as well as terraces and courtyards, in order to keep it in good condition.

Making your garden eye-catching and well-designed can attract more buyers.

The research revealed that the average person spent approximately £678 per year to keep their gardens in tip-top shape.

Garden tips for house sellers

Looking to sell a property soon, and think your garden may need sprucing up beforehand? Here are our top tips to get you started:

  • Highlight focal points of the garden, such as a patio or large trees
  • Think about purchasing outdoor furniture to make the space feel more inviting
  • Use potted plants to help provide structure to the garden
  • Always clear away any debris and wash any paths before a visit
  • Make sure lawns are freshly mowed
  • Think about adding accessories such as cushions
  • Remove any dead plants in the garden
  • Trim any overgrown foliage that is in your garden
  • If the garden walls are looking a bit tired and dated, why not give the walls a fresh lick of paint? Keep to neutral colours to ensure widespread appeal to potential buyers
  • Think about purchasing and planting flowers, a colourful garden will make your property stand out to a possible homeowner.
  • If there are any items in the garden that are not being used, remove them! Clutter in a garden can put off potential buyers.