Home improvement trends for Autumn

By October 7, 2018Blog

Autumn has graced us with its presence once more and we need to prep our homes for the colder weather. It is also an opportunity to make a cosier environment and introduce autumnal colours into the décor. It is, along with Spring, the peak time of the year for making changes to your home as the season’s change.

Decorating and renovating should be a treat, however, many people find it a huge cause of stress in their lives since it can be rather tricky at times. We have some tips for you to do with renovations and revamps you could take inspiration from.

Cosy Colours

Summer was all about bright colours and bold colours. Autumn on the other hand, is all about oranges, browns, greens – basically the colour of the leaves to reflect the season.

contempoary-living-room-with-orangeIf you are not wanting to redecorate the walls and the carpets, but want to get a cosier feel this Autumn, inject in the colours with cushions, throws and other accessories that you can keep in storage to come out each year just at the right time.

Some people even like to switch up their curtains, having thinner curtains which are brighter in the warmer months and thicker, darker curtains for the colder months.

You should opt for materials like wool for cushion covers and throws for both aesthetic and comfort purposes as it is thick and will keep you warm. Tweed is also a popular pattern during this time and you can get it to fit pretty much any autumnal colour scheme.

Focus on Kerb Appeal

Making an entrance to your home is a great way to add Kerb Appeal. This is especially pressing at this time of year as the leaves are falling and there is mud on the ground. Therefore, you will have to make more of an effort to keep your pathway and driveway tidy and free of an overwhelming amount of leaves. Be sure to sweep these at least once a week.

doorOther things you could do include changing up your front door. Changing the colour does not take too long and it can be refreshing from the same old. You could also consider updated the hardware on your door, such as the number sign or the door handles.

Make more room

Since you will be spending more time indoors over both Autumn and Winter, you should take some time to create a more spacious living area for you and your family to enjoy.

If you want to make a real renovation, why not consider adding a conservatory or a general extension. A project such as this can provide the space required to live more comfortably and one which is tailored to your individual requirements. You can get these bespoke to you and choose everything you need to go with it, the possibilities are endless (within a budget, of course).

Bring nature indoors

No matter if your budget is large or small, bring nature into your home is something we can all do. Doing so can make you feel renewed and refreshed, after all, living amongst plants promotes happiness and health.

house-plantsYou can bring the outside inside in a variety of ways. Houseplants are one of the most popular ways of doing this and they can be a great addition to any room, including the bathroom! Simply having another living thing in the room is a mood booster.

You can also bring nature into your home by letting more natural light in. Consider installing larger windows or strategically placing mirrors in your home to reflect the light from your current windows.