Popular Uses for Loft Conversions

By April 20, 2016Blog

For so many throughout London and beyond, ‘the loft’ refers to a cold, dark and dusty part of the house that stores things you might use once a year, if ever. From old Christmas decorations, to old relatives’ suitcases and beyond, a loft can be a truly useful storage space.

However, rather than simply using the loft space for a bit of extra, cluttered storage space, increasing numbers of people are turning to modern day loft conversions for a variety of different uses and applications. For example, loft conversions in London are becoming more popular as expanding families look for ways to expand their home without moving out.

Instead of having all of the headache and hassle that comes with looking for, securing and paying for a new family home, you can save up and spend as little as £25,000 + VAT on creating a truly amazing and useful loft space.

More bedrooms, a playroom or a studio or office, there is no shortage of what you can do with a loft, once you commit to converting and improving it. More and more people are even turning to creating attic conversions and ‘granny flats’ in their lofts, providing them with extra rental income to supplement their living costs.

With house prices being as they are, especially in the likes of London, investing some money into a loft extension is a sensible choice. You will increase your property’s overall value by potentially more than 20%, you’ll gain heaps of extra living and storage space and you, your family and anyone else in your property will be able to enjoy the conversion for years, if not decades to come and there are more than a few popular uses for loft conversions in the UK.

Loft Bedrooms

Arguably the most popular way to make use of new loft conversions for so many. The family may be expanding, you may find yourself accommodating more guests and visitors than you used to, or perhaps you just want the extra sleeping space just in case a family member or friend comes to visit.

With the correct designs, amounts of space available and builder to hand, you can create an extra one, two or sometimes even three bedrooms on the top floor of your house, which will allow you and your family to very comfortably live in your treasured home. Instead of uprooting a family and children, extra bedrooms in the loft mean that the property is more than fit for purpose for years and years.

Office Space

The world is a fast changing, fast moving place and we are moving towards times where having to commute into work, via busy transport links is no longer a necessity. Nowadays, so many are taking advantage of the digital age and the internet with all they have to offer. One of the ways in which this is being done so is through working remotely, usually from home.

Being able to work from home used to be a luxury, but is now simply a matter of convenience for more and more people. Having your own dedicated office space in the loft, means that you can avoid being disturbed while working. It also means that rather than having to find available space in different parts of the property throughout the week, you can create the perfect space, set aside from the rest of the house to hone your productivity.

Studios and Recreation Rooms

Whether you play an instrument, have a hobby or just want a great place to unwind and relax, having a recreation room or studio can feel like something sent from heaven. Undisturbed time to relax, unwind and enjoy is something that is very underrated. No longer having to use the lounge or your own bedroom to pursue a passion such as playing an instrument, your own space to explore and enjoy your hobbies interests is something that can be very rewarding and relaxing.

Your own space, to do as you please, while pursuing something you love or developing those projects you’ve thought about for a long time can be very special.