Premier Lofts was started in 1990 and offers bespoke packages for all of your loft conversion ideas, no matter how big or small. We were founded by our current owner and lead project manager, Malcolm Newman, who to this day continues to leave hundreds of customers with a smile on their faces. The work Premier Lofts carry out is always done to the highest building standards and the quality of the service all of our customers receive is second to none.

We offer a wide range of services; from loft conversions in East London to attic extensions in the south of the capital and beyond. All of the work you will receive from us if fully guaranteed for 5 years upon completion. 

When it comes to loft conversion ideas, as long as the project is completed to a high standard, as all of our projects are, you could see your property’s value increase by as much as 20% or potentially even more.


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We’ve Been Providing Loft Conversion Ideas since 1990


For over 25 years we have been taking customers’ loft conversion ideas and developed them further, providing bespoke loft conversions throughout London. There are various reasons that cause our customers to turn towards a quality loft conversion from Premier Lofts. Some customers are seeking increased living space for their family, while others have undertaken a loft conversion on rental properties to increase their rental income. Our prices start from as little as £25,000 + VAT, making loft conversions from us a sound investment. Just get in touch with us and we will get you started on your ideal loft conversion.

What we can offer your loft:


Attic Conversions

No matter the style of your property, we are able to provide a made to measure attic conversion. Perhaps you are after a small, cosy attic conversion to enhance the living quality your property has to offer. Alternatively, you may wish to rent out the attic for some extra income. No matter the purpose and desired style, Premier Lofts will work hand in hand with you so that you get exactly what you have been dreaming of. An attic conversion is a great way for those on a restricted budget to unlock their property’s potential.



Mansard Loft Conversions


A mansard loft conversion is a large project that absolutely maximises all of the space the roof of your property has to offer. With the slope of your roof adapted to around 72°, the entire plain of your property’s roof is utilised. You will see your property gain many square metres of space and a number of rooms through a mansard loft conversion. These types of conversions are ideal for London living, where it can be difficult to move properties, but more space is needed. Mansard loft conversions also tend to add a great deal of value to the properties they adorn and are an ideal way to create an extra living space to rent out in the city that never sleeps.


Victorian Extensions


For those living in fashionable Victorian style houses, these extensions are a tailor made solution to the problems you likely face in the pursuit of more living space. Using all of the available space your Victorian property has to offer, these extensions have provided hundreds of our customers with the solution they have all been craving. Many loft conversions in South West London, such as those in the SW6 area have been completed by Premier Lofts in this style and their recipients have never looked back. Gaining the extra room at the rear of your Victorian property is a perfect way to gain at least one more room to use as additional living space or as a rental room, for the extra income you wish to exploit from your property.



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