How to modernise a house

By July 9, 2018Blog

If you have bought an older property or a property which simply needs some changes made to it to bring it into the 21st century, then look no further. There are plenty of nifty ways in which you can quickly modernise your home without too much stress and hassle.

In this guide, we discuss some techniques to inject some more contemporary vibes in your home, even in the most outdated of houses. These changes will not require you to do anything drastic like re-mortgage your home, they are simple changes which can work for people on a budget as well as for people who may want to invest a bit more money into their home.

Natural Materials

kitchenTo give your home a new lease of live, use natural materials as part of the interior décor. If you want to modernise your home, it is time to ditch the laminate and the melamine. Instead, you want to incorporate natural materials instead.

For your kitchen, opt for stone worktops, wooden cabinets and exposed brickwork for a truly cool and modern look.

Embrace minimalism

Modern houses differ from outdated home or classic houses in that they tend to be minimal in décor. With modern homes, it is all about ditching the unnecessary items which clutter your house and going for a sleek and streamlined approach to furniture and décor.

Not only does this look fresh and modern, but it will save you money in the long run. For some tips on how to become a minimalist in your home, click here.

Glass Additions

glass-wallA home would not feel modern without glass additions. Glass works wonders in opening up spaces and creating the illusion of a bigger looking room just simply by letting natural light cascade in. Modern houses tend to be light and airy in feel, so think about where you could include glass to achieve this.

In addition to glass, you could include mirrors to give the illusion of a more open space. Mirrors which are placed opposite windows are going to reflect the natural light which will bounce off and further brighten the room.

Go open plan

kitchenIf you are wanting to make larger changes to a property in order to make it more modern, consider opening your living space up and going open plan. Choosing to remove internal walls which divide the rooms in favour of an open plan living and dining area can make your house feel bigger and ultimately more modern.

We advise that you keep the walls and the flooring continuous throughout the open plan area. This will help to create the illusion of a bigger home.

Pops of colour

pops-of-colorWhen it comes to decorating, do not feel shy when it comes to colour. Contemporary houses should always aim to make the most of colour. To maintain a smart and sleek aesthetic, consider having pops of colour rather than bright pink walls, for example.

You can incorporate colour in the accessories rather than the décor, if you would rather. Cushions, throws, furniture and statement art pieces can be really eye-catching and change the whole feel of a room.

Darker colours for the bathroom

grey-bathroomIt is really common to have white bathrooms and whilst these can look beautiful, they can also look outdated and require more upkeep. For a modern touch, choose darker colours like greys and charcoals, for your bathroom.

Slate walls, black floors and polished concrete all in conjunction can create a unique look which screams modern and mysterious. For the bathroom items, you could contrast the darker décor with white items to really give it that monochrome look.

A loft or basement conversion

sw-london-loft-conversionMany modern homes are making the most of the space they have and choosing to transform their loft or their basement into another functioning room rather than simply a storage unit. This can also add some serious value to your property as well as providing you with much more space to work with.

Check out room ideas for a loft conversion and room ideas for a basement conversion for some inspiration.