Popular Types of Loft Conversions

By March 22, 2016Blog

London has a rich and thoroughly interesting history, with a multitude of different styles of properties around. Mix this historical aspect with peoples’ desire to expand their living space, earn some additional rental income or simply capitalise on available space to increase a property’s value and there is a wide choice of loft conversion projects to choose from.

It doesn’t matter where in London you live and the size of your property makes little difference. There are so many designs to choose from, all of which have a range of benefits and drawbacks. However, as time goes on, the benefits far outweigh the pitfalls of investing in your property in the form of a loft conversion.

With a standard loft conversion costing as little as around £25,000, more and more people, sometimes resigned to the fact that they can’t afford to move and upscale are turning to the wonder of a loft conversion.

From Victorian loft conversions, to mansard conversions and more, the choices for that extra level for your property go on and on.

What’s available for my Property’s Loft?

It can be difficult though when deciding which type of loft conversion is right for your property. But, once you’ve acquired the relevant permissions and Building Regulations for a loft conversion  project, there are so many questions that need to be answered; how much will it cost? What will the property gain? Should I use the conversion to earn some extra rental income?

We explore some of the popular options of loft conversion types available from us at Premier Lofts:

Attic Conversions

For those who are not after an entire overhaul and restructuring of their property’s roof and upper areas, attic conversions are clever and affordable ways to create a cosy new room for your property. With minimal work needed, these are a great way to add a new, small space to your property.

Bungalow Loft Conversions

In the past, having a bungalow meant that there were huge limitations on the amounts of space available for your property. There was a set number of rooms and minimal floor space. While bungalows have always served a purpose; for those looking to downscale or those who find it difficult to use stairs, they are starting to show their potential. By adding a new floor to the property, you could see the number of rooms in the property as well as its value skyrocket.

Mansard Loft Conversions

One of the largest types of loft conversions you can get, that will afford your property a huge degree of extra space. By their very nature, mansard loft conversions alter the overall shape of your property’s loft by using all the space available. The walls of the conversion will stand at around 72°, for optimum drainage and to ensure the absolute maximum space possible is provided for your property. a mansard conversion can add a number of rooms to your property.

Terraced House Loft Conversions

The conversions have maintained their popularity partially because London has so many terraced neighbourhoods. With areas like the East End of London having many streets of terraced houses, rather than having to move out of an area you may know and love in the pursuit of more space, you can simply look to expand your property’s existing space. Terraced house conversions mean you can simply ‘build up’ your property, rather than look at uprooting your family; gaining a loft with more space for whichever purpose you see fit.